Women to beg not guilty in high-profile Kim Jong Nam murder trial


KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Two women indicted of murdering a disloyal half-brother of North Korea’s personality during a Kuala Lumpur general airfield are approaching to beg not guilty when their conference starts during a Malaysian justice on Monday.

Indonesian Siti Aisyah, 25, and Doan Thi Huong, 28, from Vietnam, are charged with murdering Kim Jong Nam during a airfield on Feb. 13 by staining his face with VX, a chemical a United Nations describes as a arms of mass destruction.

The pair, however, have told their lawyers they did not know they were participating in a lethal conflict and believed they were carrying out a antic for a existence TV show. They face a genocide chastisement if convicted.

“They (the women) will say their innocence,” Hisyam Teh, Huong’s lawyer, told Reuters.

Monday’s much-anticipated conference is approaching to run until Nov. 30 during a Shah Alam High Court on a hinterland of a Malaysian capital.

Lead prosecutor Muhamad Iskandar Ahmad declined to criticism on sum of a case, though pronounced between 30 and 40 witnesses, including 10 experts, would be called to testify.

The charge is approaching to call consultant witnesses such as pathologists and chemists early on, Hisyam said.

He declined to criticism on a defense’s strategy, though pronounced Huong was in good hands.

“She (Huong) has a good invulnerability and we have a justification to support it,” he said, but elaborating.


South Korean and U.S. officials have pronounced that Kim Jong Un’s regime was behind a murder.

Kim Jong Nam, who was vital in outcast in Macau, had criticized his family’s dynastic sequence of North Korea and his hermit had released a station sequence for his execution, according to some South Korean lawmakers.

Four other people, who have not been apprehended or named, have been charged along with Siti Aisyah and Huong. Four North Koreans, who military named as suspects in a case, left Kuala Lumpur for Pyongyang on a day of a killing.

An Interpol red notice, an general warning usually brief of an detain warrant, has been released for a four, who were held on airfield CCTV cameras watching a murder, military said.

Naran Singh, who is also on Huong’s invulnerability team, has asked prosecutors to recover a names of a 4 suspects charged with a women.

Gooi Soon Seng, Siti Aisyah’s lawyer, did not respond to an emailed ask for comment. He has formerly pronounced a participation of other suspects would change a box completely.    

“We trust a categorical suspects are a 4 North Koreans that have left a country. If we were means to detain them, all would be as transparent as daylight,” Gooi told reporters after a pre-trial conference in July.


The once friendly ties between Malaysia and North Korea have been tattered after North Korea questioned Malaysia’s doing of a review into Kim Jong Nam’s murder.

The Malaysian supervision diminished a North Korean ambassador. In response, Pyongyang barred all Malaysians from withdrawal a country. Malaysia usually cumulative their recover in sell for returning Kim Jong Nam’s physique to North Korea and protected thoroughfare home for 3 North Korean group wanted for doubt in a case.

Malaysia on Thursday criminialized a adults from roving to North Korea, citing confidence concerns from Pyongyang’s chief tests. The transport anathema follows a revisit progressing this month to Washington by Prime Minister Najib Razak, who told U.S. President Donald Trump Malaysia has stopped doing business with North Korea, in line with U.N. sanctions.

North Korea is not a member of Interpol, and Pyongyang was doubtful to perform any ask from Malaysia to lapse a suspects in a deficiency of an extradition covenant between a dual countries, pronounced Ahmad Martadha Mohamed, an associate highbrow during Universiti Utara Malaysia.

“Indirectly, this will make it really formidable for Malaysia to put any vigour on North Korea to send a suspects back,” he said.

Reporting by Rozanna Latiff; Editing by Bill Tarrant


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