With a crazy ‘Italics’, Asterix earnings for 37th adventure


PARIS (Reuters) – Asterix, a unassailable pint-sized Gaul perpetually outfoxing a Romans, earnings for his 37th comic journey on Thursday, this time battling his approach opposite Italy in a chariot race.

The moustachioed hero, who has been interesting readers with his magic-potion exploits alongside Obelix given 1959, has turn a buttress in a book industry, with some-more than 370 million albums sole worldwide.

As good as being translated into some-more than 100 languages, a books have desirous a dozen cinema and animation series, creation it a tellurian phenomenon.

The latest edition, ‘Asterix et la Transitalique’ (Asterix and a Chariot Race), is set in ancient Italy.

Rather than a showdown with Julius Caesar, it involves a unaffected Gauls assembly a clan called a Italics who are also fighting to sojourn eccentric from Rome.

The strange books, created by Rene Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo, built adult a mass following in a 1960s, 70s and 80s, with many childhood readers from those days still gnawing adult a titles decades on.

After Goscinny’s genocide in 1977, Uderzo wrote and illustrated a array until he late in 2009. The final 3 editions have been created by Jean-Yves Ferri and drawn by Didier Conrad, adhering closely to a strange format.

“We had Italy in mind and afterwards we had a thought of a chariot race, a arrange of convene from ancient times, a outing opposite a peninsula heading from one city to another,” pronounced Ferri as he and Conrad presented a new book this week.

According to tradition, a latest Asterix facilities a new villain, Coronavirus, a mysterious, masked chariot racer who will stop during zero to win.

While Uderzo plays a purpose overseeing a series, Ferri pronounced he had not asked for any changes.

”He wanted a group means to continue a tradition and he put his trust in us,“ he said. ”He shows his support, though is not unequivocally critical.

“The usually change we had to make was putting a dot on a ‘i’ of ‘italique’,” he joked. “We concluded opposite a will.”

With a Asterix cinema proof box bureau successes, a books have captivated a new, younger era of followers. That is reflected in a imitation run for Asterix and a Chariot Race, with 5 million copies planned.

Writing by Luke Baker; Editing by Gareth Jones


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