Uber’s trail to win behind London: data, fines and fees


(Reuters) – If story is a guide, Uber Technologies new Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi is approaching to hook information pity and a guarantee to compensate fines and fees when he sits down with London officials to negotiate a float service’s destiny in one of a many critical markets.

From a Philippines to Portland, Oregon, a plan has worked time and time again for a San Francisco company.

London travel officials final month deemed Uber [UBER.UL] non-professional to work since of messy corporate responsibility. The pierce threatens an Uber building during a time when Khosrowshahi is perplexing to deliver a company’s repute after a array of scandals.

Police have complained that Uber was not disclosing or holding too prolonged to news critical crimes tied to a rides, and London mayor Sadiq Khan corroborated a preference to lift Uber’s license.

Khosrowshahi already charity a contrite open response, that is surprising for Uber, in an open-letter reparation to Londoners “for a mistakes we’ve made.” He’s also armed with internal support: some-more than 840,000 Londoners have sealed an Uber petition propelling city to recur a decision.

Khosrowshahi is scheduled to accommodate on Tuesday with Transport for London Commissioner Mike Brown.

A understanding would be a large feat for a new Uber leader, and securing a surcharge or new information on drivers could be a win for Khan, Uber’s top form censor and chair of a regulator.

Uber has been peaceful to compensate fines and hospital fees in internal disputes around a world. But when pressed, it has also close down in several markets to critique measures that it says delayed a use for business or impede motorist recruitment. As recently as final week, Uber pronounced it would lift out of Quebec rather than determine to 35 hours of training for drivers.

Uber declined to critique on London negotiate tactics. It has pronounced it wants to work with a city “to make things right.”

There is no certainty of a deal, and conjunction side has portrayed a Tuesday assembly as a negotiations. But with a interest so high – 3.5 million business won over by cost and preference have done it Uber’s biggest European marketplace – a understanding for both sides creates sense.

“The mayor only wants to get something to uncover voters dissapoint with Uber some action,” pronounced Bruce Shaller, a former New York City float central who has authored a book on ride-hailing apps. “Transport for London would demeanour irrational to let Uber travel away.”


Uber is mostly described as a “big data” association that thrives since it can compare patron needs to motorist availability, presaging where cars will be indispensable and boldly tailoring fares formed on approaching demand.

Though it has been disgust to share information for remoteness and business reasons, awarding singular information entrance to cities has solved several standoffs.

When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio attempted to extent a series of Uber cars in a city to transparent adult traffic, a association expelled information that helped uncover overload would insist and concluded to give a city ongoing information such as a plcae and time of pickups.

Uber also launched a personal and open debate in New York opposite a mayor, identical to a London petition though with critique directed directly during de Blasio. De Blasio forsaken a proposal.

Portland, Oregon let Uber behind into a city in 2015 after a identical guarantee of outing information – and a price of 50 cents per float to compensate for oversight. The information helps a city check correspondence with mandate such as 24-hour, citywide service.

“We’ve been means to use information from a association and a resources from a rides’ fees to emanate a regulatory intrigue that is robust,” pronounced Brendan Finn, arch of staff to Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman, who played a purpose of pitch opinion and wasn’t differently an Uber backer.

Uber has paid fines to other regulators for access: a one-month cessation in a Philippines was carried early, once Uber paid roughly $10 million to a supervision and drivers in August. Last year, Uber concluded to a $7.6 million excellent in California to equivocate cessation over a check in branch over information sought for an research on a neighborhoods a association served.

Still, Uber has drawn lines when a preference and affordability that has helped a charity mount out is threatened. The association dangling operations in places such as Macau, Bulgaria, Denmark and Hungary that are all mandating terms a association has called financially intolerable for itself and a drivers.

And talks with Australia’s Northern Territory range have been bogged down over a due registration price of around $500 for any motorist and a tiny per-ride fee, that Uber pronounced were not affordable.

In Quebec, a association has supposing 20 hours of training for new drivers. When a range pronounced it wanted 35, in line with training for cab operators, Uber pronounced it would lift out in mid-October.

“They are some-more than happy with regulation,” a former Uber open process central vocalization on a condition of anonymity pronounced of a company. “But it has to capacitate a marketplace for float sharing, and it has to exist for a open process reason.”

Reporting by Paresh Dave in San Francisco, Eric Auchard in Frankfurt, Julia Fioretti in Brussels, Costas Pitas and Kate Holton in London and Julie Astrid Thomsen and Teis Jensen in Copenhagen; modifying by Peter Henderson and Edward Tobin


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