Turkish ‘Microangelo’ tells Istanbul’s story on tiny objects


ANKARA (Reuters) – Following his morning wander around Istanbul’s Gothic Galata tower, Hasan Kale walks into a bulk food marketplace to inspect a products that will make adult his subsequent canvas.

“These are a ones we was looking for,” Kale says excitedly, as he scoops adult a handful of pumpkin seeds.

The 57-year-old’s morning slight might not mount out during initial glance, though his ground does. At home, once Kale pours his creatively bought pumpkin seeds on his table, a journey begins.

A micro-artist eminent as Turkey’s Microangelo, a joke on Italian Renaissance master Michelangelo, Kale paints scenes from Istanbul on little objects or even food particles.

For him, no intent is too little – from fig seeds to bottle caps, lentils to fishbone, Kale finds any intent or food large adequate to paint a stage from his hometown of Istanbul.

“Of march a usually interruption here is that we can’t hang it on your wall and (look during it) while we sip your coffee. You have to plunge in it,” Kale said.

Celebrating his 22nd year as a micro-artist, Kale pronounced he has so distant embellished on 350 opposite objects, though that one of a biggest hurdles of regulating food as a board is that his micropieces might not always final for long.

Nowadays, Kale pronounced he was operative on opening a world’s initial micro objects museum to vaunt his little oeuvre.

“I quarrel to make them final perpetually … we try to take them to a top turn and we wish to arrangement them in a world’s initial and usually museum of micro-objects that we wish to open.”

Additional stating by Bulent Usta; essay by Yesim Dikmen; modifying by Tuvan Gumrukcu/Mark Heinrich


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