Trump tries to ease Polish-Americans’ concerns about his NATO stance


CHICAGO Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump on Wednesday sought to reduce a concerns of Polish-Americans who questioned him about his joining to Poland given his tough position on NATO and speak of operative with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump, during a tiny roundtable assembly with Polish-American leaders, listened their concerns about his direct that NATO nations bear some-more of a financial weight of their invulnerability and his difference of regard for Putin.

“As boss we will respect Poland’s sacrifices for freedom. We’re committed to a clever Poland, really committed, totally committed, and a clever Eastern Europe as a aegis for leisure and security,” Trump said.

Trump has rattled NATO allies and many U.S. inhabitant confidence experts by observant that if inaugurated on Nov. 8, he would direct that NATO members compensate adult their invulnerability contributions of 2 percent of GDP or else have to compensate for their possess security.

Many nations in a North Atlantic Treaty Organization have lagged in their invulnerability spending, to a disappointment of U.S. leaders, though there has never been a pierce to cut them out of a U.S. confidence powerful since of this.

In Chicago, Trump hailed Poland as being adult to date with a invulnerability contributions.

“We wish NATO to be clever that means we wish some-more nations to follow a instance of Poland,” Trump said. “If all done a same contributions as Poland, all a allies would be some-more secure.”

There are an estimated 9.5 million Americans of Polish skirmish in a United States, many of them clustered in Midwestern states that might play an critical purpose in determining who wins a election.

Tim Kuzma, boss of a organisation called a Polish Falcons of America, told Reuters that during a tiny roundtable eventuality Trump was asked about either he would be a clever crony to Poland.

The summary to Trump was “Would a Trump administration support Poland?” Kuzma said. “Would a Trump administration respect a commitments to NATO? And he was really certain that he would and that he believes in a clever NATO.”

(Reporting By Steve Holland; Editing by Frances Kerry)


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