Thousands of Belgians dauntless cold to take drop in wintery North Sea


OSTEND, Belgium (Reuters) – Thousands of people braved a satirical cold of a Belgian winter on Saturday to take a drop in a North Sea in Ostend’s normal New Year’s plunge.

Undeterred by atmosphere temperatures of 6 degrees Celsius (43 degrees Fahrenheit) and equally cold water, 4,500 people, many clad in imagination dress, ran down a beach in front of a city’s neoclassical Royal Galleries.

While some did small some-more than soppy their ankles, others took advantage of a participation of many lifeguards to take a correct dive into a cold waves.

“When we go in, it’s cold though once we are in longer, it’s really good, really nice,” pronounced Joris, wearing a caveman outfit.

Organizers pronounced a 27th book of a New Year’s thrust was normal in terms of heat and attendance, following an unusually cold 2017 book when sprightly winds pushed temperatures good next freezing.

“It’s a fifth year now. We had to skip final year since it was on New Year’s day and we would have been a small dipsomaniac from a day before,” pronounced Jordy Velders from a Flemish city of Lokeren, who, like his friends, was dressed adult as a penguin.

Reporting by Robert-Jan Bartunek; Editing by Adrian Croft


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