Swedish sword torpedo was Hitler fan, targeted immigrants


Police thong an area after a masked male pounded people with a sword during a propagandize in Trollhattan, western Sweden Oct 22, 2015. PHOTO: REUTERS

Police thong an area after a masked male pounded people with a sword during a propagandize in Trollhattan, western Sweden Oct 22, 2015. PHOTO: REUTERS

SWEDEN: The 21-year-old sword-wielding assailant who killed a clergyman and a teen during a immigrant-heavy Swedish propagandize dignified Hitler and had far-right sympathies, media reports suggested Friday as military reliable his proclivity was racist.

Police questioner Thord Haraldsson pronounced a killer, identified in a press as Trollhattan local Anton Lundin-Pettersson, targeted “those with dim complexions”.

Police also found papers during his home indicating a conflict “was planned, and a hatred crime,” he said, adding that a torpedo left a “kind of self-murder note”.

Teacher killed, pupils harm in sword conflict on Sweden school

Wearing black garments and a Darth Vader-like facade and armed with a sword, a assailant went from classroom-to-classroom in hunt of victims during Kronan propagandize for children aged between 6 and 15.

Police trust he picked a propagandize since many of a students are immigrants.

Before military shot and killed him, he managed to kill a clergyman and critically wound a teenage tyro who after died of his wounds.

Another student, aged 15, postulated vicious gash wounds during a conflict along with a clergyman who was severely injured.

All of those bleeding were of newcomer origin, military said.

Although a torpedo had no rapist record, sum emerged in a press suggesting he was a loner who dignified Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany and a far-right Sweden Democrats party, that is vicious of Islam and of rising immigration to a Scandinavian country.

On his Facebook and YouTube  accounts – now sealed down – he comes opposite as a chairman who listens to genocide steel and tough stone bands such as Rammstein and Pain.

He was also gifted during lathe-work, competing in a finals of a Swedish girl inhabitant championships.

But he was also preoccupied by films about Nazis, a Third Reich and World War II, and on Facebook he “liked” several debates by Sweden Democrats personality Jimmie Akesson, as good as anti-immigrant blogger Angry Foreigner and a video called “Nazi Generator 2015″, where fondle total are incinerated to a sound of German marching music, recalling Nazi gas chambers.

Despite those views, those who knew him described him as respectful and quiet, observant they never would have guessed he would lift out such an attack.

Police prove ‘racist motives’ in Sweden sword attack

“He was a loner. He played video games, lived in his possess world,” a former classmate told a Expressen daily.

“He was always dressed in black, or in deception clothes,” a crony told Aftonbladet.

Anti-racist repository Expo pronounced his form was identical to that of other extremist attackers.

“We see a trend in a US of immature indignant white group who turn radicalised on Internet forums. This act could be seen as partial of that trend of people who consider it is their goal to save a white race,” editor-in-chief Daniel Poohl told AFP.

The torpedo had no links to a Kronan school, and no one there seemed to know him.

When he arrived, some gullible students suspicion his get-up was a antic or a Halloween dress and even acted with him for pictures.

Police on Friday pronounced video footage from inside a propagandize showed a assailant articulate to “fair-skinned” students not aggressive them.

“We can also see what he did to those with dim complexions,” questioner Thord Haraldsson said.

Around 20 percent of Trollhattan’s race of 57,000 are of unfamiliar start and a propagandize is located in an area that is emblematic of Sweden’s disaster to confederate a immigrants: an impoverished, segregated community with high unemployment, drug problems and bad propagandize performances.

On Friday, military were still looking for clues during his unit in a middle-class community of Trollhattan, about 5 kilometres (three miles) from a school.


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