Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino sparks recoil from baristas


NEW YORK Starbucks baristas have taken to amicable media to protest about a coffee chain’s entrance into a latest food craze: Unicorn Frappuccino.

The sparkly color-changing solidified libation has turn one of a tip posts on photo-sharing platforms such as Instagram given a recover on Wednesday.

But Starbucks baristas are not happy with a popularity.

Complaints have been rolling in on amicable media website Reddit Inc, with one barista job a new libation “Frap from hell” and others pity a fun of using out of mixture to make a drink.

Another barista common an picture of 56 Unicorn Frappuccinos that constituted one order, and others gave interjection to business with elementary orders like a black coffee.

On Twitter, usually hours after a recover of a new drink, Starbucks barista Braden Burson common a 100-second tirade, observant he had “never been so stressed out in his life.” His post was common some-more than 1,000 times.

“I have never done so many Frappuccinos in my whole life,” he pronounced in a clip.

“My hands are totally sticky. we have unicorn crap all in my hair, on my nose. we have never been so stressed out in my whole life.”

A barista from Florida, Tina Lee, wrote: “As a barista, usually know that each time we ask me to make this, a partial of me dies #unicornfrappuccino.”

The splash is accessible usually until Sunday.

“We’ve seen extensive certain feedback on a Unicorn Frappuccino from both business and partners (employees/baristas),” pronounced Starbucks orator when asked if a association is wakeful of complaints from a baristas.

Starbucks shares sealed adult 0.9 percent during $60.61 on Friday.

(Reporting by Angela Moon; Editing by Meredith Mazzilli)


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