Spanish military charge polling hire in Catalonia autonomy vote


BARCELONA (Reuters) – Spanish demonstration military crushed their approach into a polling hire in Catalonia on Sunday as they sought to tighten down a criminialized autonomy referendum that has thrown a nation into a misfortune inherent predicament for decades.

They detonate into a polling station, in a city in Girona province, mins before Catalan personality Carles Puigdemont was due to opinion there. They cracked potion panels to force open a doorway as voters, fists in a air, sang a Catalan anthem.

Police with demonstration shields also jostled with hundreds of electorate outward one hire during a propagandize in Barcelona, a Catalan capital, as a throng chanted “We are people of peace!” Armoured vans and an ambulance were parked nearby.

The referendum, announced bootleg by Spain’s executive government, has lifted fears of travel assault as a exam of will between Madrid and Barcelona plays out.

The Catalan supervision had scheduled voting to open during 9 a.m. (0700 GMT) during around 2,300 designated stations, nonetheless Madrid pronounced on Saturday it had tighten some-more than half of them.

Voting started during some sites in a segment of 7.5 million people, that has a possess denunciation and enlightenment and is an industrial heart with an economy incomparable than that of Portugal. Leader Puigdemont altered skeleton and voted during a opposite hire after a military action, a informal supervision said.

People had assigned some stations with a aim of preventing military from locking them down. Organisers smuggled in list boxes before emergence and urged electorate to use pacifist insurgency opposite police.

In a propagandize used in a voting hire in Barcelona, military in demonstration rigging carried out list boxes while would-be electorate chanted “out with a occupying forces!” and “we will vote!”.

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The Catalan supervision pronounced electorate could imitation out list papers during home and board them during any polling hire not sealed down by police.

“I have got adult early given my nation needs me,” pronounced Eulalia Espinal, a 65-year-old licentiate who started queuing with around 100 others outward one polling station, a Barcelona school, in sleet during about 5 a.m. (0300 GMT).

“We don’t know what’s going to occur nonetheless we have to be here,” she said.


A minority of around 40 percent of Catalans support independence, polls show, nonetheless a infancy wish to reason a referendum on a issue.

A “yes” outcome is approaching in a referendum, given that many of those who support autonomy are approaching to expel ballots while many of those opposite it are not.

Organisers had asked electorate to spin out before dawn, anticipating for vast crowds to be a world’s initial picture of voting day.

“This is a good opportunity. I’ve waited 80 years for this,” pronounced 92-year-old Ramon Jordana, a former cab motorist watchful to opinion in Sant Pere de Torello, a city in a foothills of a Pyrenees and a pro-independence bastion.

He had wrapped his wrists in Catalan flags, among 100-150 people who collected during a internal propagandize that had been listed as a polling station, prepared to retard any military from entering. A tractor also stood guard, nonetheless no military had nonetheless arrived.

Leading adult to a referendum, Spanish military arrested Catalan officials, seized campaigning leaflets and assigned a Catalan government’s communications hub.

But Catalan leaders urged electorate to spin out in a pacific countenance of democracy. Families have assigned scores of schools earmarked as voting centres, sleeping overnight in an try to forestall military from sealing them off.

“If we can’t vote, we wish to spin out in a streets and contend unequivocally that we wish to vote,” pronounced autonomy believer Jose Miro, a 60-year-old schools inspector.

Only a Catalan police, or Mossos d‘Esquadra, had so distant been monitoring polling stations. They are hold in love by Catalans, generally after they wanted down Islamists indicted of entertainment lethal attacks in a segment in August.

But inhabitant police, who have been drafted into Catalonia in their thousands from around Spain to forestall a vote, stepped in to squeeze list boxes and tighten stations on Sunday once it became transparent a informal military was not clearing sites.

Pro-independence Puigdemont creatively pronounced that if a “yes” opinion won, a Catalan supervision would announce autonomy within 48 hours, nonetheless informal leaders have given concurred Madrid’s crackdown has undermined a vote.

Markets have reacted carefully nonetheless quietly to a conditions so far, nonetheless credit rating group SP pronounced on Friday that long tensions in Catalonia could harm Spain’s mercantile outlook. The segment accounts for about a fifth of a economy.

The list will have no authorised standing as it has been blocked by Spain’s Constitutional Court, and Madrid has a ultimate energy underneath a 1978 licence to postpone a informal government’s management to order if it declares independence.

Additional stating by Angus Berwick in Sant Pere de Torello and Adrian Croft and Sonya Dowsett in Madrid; Writing by Sonya Dowsett; Editing by Pravin Char


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