Spain to postpone Catalonia’s liberty as it threatens with grave independence


MADRID (Reuters) – Spain’s executive supervision pronounced on Thursday it would postpone Catalonia’s liberty and levy approach sequence after a region’s personality threatened to go forward with a grave stipulation of autonomy if Madrid refused to reason talks.

In a pierce rare given Spain returned to democracy in a late 1970s, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pronounced he would reason a special cupboard public on Saturday that could trigger a move. The Socialist antithesis pronounced they corroborated a supervision yet suggested a measures should be singular in range and time.

Catalan boss Carles Puigdemont, ignoring a 10 a.m. deadline to dump his secession campaign, threatened Rajoy with a grave stipulation of autonomy in a Catalan parliament.

The dual statements increasing doubt over a one-month domestic predicament that has lifted fears of amicable unrest, led a euro zone’s fourth-largest economy to cut a expansion forecasts and rattled a euro.

Spanish supervision bond yields rose and bonds sole off after a deadline passed, while a euro dipped into disastrous territory.

  • Spanish flag-waving underpins Rajoy’s tough line on Catalonia

“If a supervision continues to block discourse and continues with a repression, a Catalan council could proceed, if it is deliberate opportune, to opinion on a grave stipulation of independence,” Puigdemont pronounced in a notation to Rajoy.

It is not nonetheless transparent how and when a Catalan stipulation of autonomy would take place and either it would be permitted by a informal assembly, yet many pro-independence lawmakers have plainly pronounced they wanted to reason a opinion in a Catalan council to lend it a some-more honest character.

If Rajoy invokes Article 155 of a 1978 constitution, that allows him to take control of a segment if it breaks a law, it would not be entirely effective until during slightest early subsequent week. It needs parliamentary approval, charity some final notation space for secessionists to separate unilaterally.


The terms of Article 155 are deceptive and could coax some-more wrangling with a excitable region, yet a supervision pronounced on Thursday it had a far-reaching domestic subsidy from other parties.

“The supervision will use all a collection accessible to revive as shortly as probable a law and a inherent order, redeem pacific cohabitation between adults and stop a mercantile repairs that a authorised doubt is creating,” supervision orator Inigo Mendez de Vigo pronounced in a statement.

Rajoy’s group was public with members of a revolutionary celebration to coordinate a government’s subsequent steps. A orator for a Socialists pronounced while they entirely stood behind a supervision they would insist a Article 155 is practical in a many proportional way.

Madrid can in speculation pouch a internal administration and implement a new team, take control of military and finances, and call a snap election.

But some members of a Catalan supervision have already questioned this interpretation of a constitution, suggesting a event could extend for during slightest several some-more days.

Puigdemont has already defied Rajoy once this week, when he abandoned a initial deadline to dump a autonomy debate and instead called for talks.

Rajoy says a Catalan supervision has regularly damaged a law, including when it hold a criminialized opinion on autonomy on Oct. 1 and done a mystic stipulation of autonomy on Oct. 10, usually to postpone it seconds later.

Puigdemont says a aroused military crackdown on a referendum and arrests of pro-independence leaders on charges of mutiny uncover a Spanish state has turn authoritarian.

Additional stating by Isla Binnie; Editing by Ralph Boulton


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