South Korean preserve dog basks in presidential excellence as ‘First Dog’


SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday welcomed a rescue dog to his central Blue House residence, delivering on a debate guarantee to boost recognition of a fast-growing numbers of forlorn animals concomitant a swell in pet ownership.

Tori, a four-year-old black churned breed, becomes a initial preserve dog to achieve a pretension of First Dog, fasten Moon’s dual other pets, a 10-year-old Korean-breed Pungsan dog called Maru and a former wandering cat, Jjing-jing.

“As a society, we need to compensate some-more courtesy to forlorn animals and caring for them,” Moon told animal rights advocates during a acquire ceremony, his bureau said, adding that as many as 300,000 animals had been abandoned.

Like many preserve animals, Tori suffered a double tarnish of being forlorn and carrying darker fur in a nation that favors lighter-colored animals as pets, and avoids those with black pelts out of superstition.

“Tori had to wait for dual years to be adopted while his lighter-furred friends simply found new homes,” pronounced Park Soyoun, boss of Seoul-based animal preserve Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE).

Before his rescue, Tori was kept on a brief control in a forlorn farmhouse and fed scraps.

“We wish Tori all a best in a Blue House, distinct a 9 dogs forlorn by a former President Park Geun-hye in Mar after she was private from office,” combined Park.

Moon’s prototype had faced critique for withdrawal behind 9 Korean Jindo multiply dogs during a Blue House when she was private from bureau over a crime scandal.

South Korea has mostly been criticized for a tradition of immoderate dog meat, nonetheless a trade has depressed off in new years.

Pet tenure has grown rapidly, with scarcely a entertain of all homes carrying one, though a trend has also increased a group of forlorn animals in shelters nationwide.

The supervision spent scarcely 11.5 billion won ($10.3 million)on caring for about 87,100 such animals in 2016.

A change in notice is prolonged overdue, contend some pet owners.

“It is a pivotal to urge animal gratification in South Korea, as many provide pets merely as possessions, something to purchase,” pronounced Song Chanwoo, a alloy who adopted a mixed-breed dog 3 years ago.

Editing by Jack Kim and Clarence Fernandez


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