Sierra Leone to auction multi-million dollar solid to advantage poor


Ramat Gan, ISRAEL (Reuters) – Sierra Leone hopes to lift millions of dollars for growth projects by auctioning a outrageous untouched diamond, believed to be one of a world’s largest, in New York in December.

It will be a government’s second try to sell a 709-carat gem, famous as a “Peace Diamond”, after it deserted a top bid of $7.8 million during an initial auction in New York in May.

Over half of a deduction from a sale will be used to account purify water, electricity, preparation and health projects in Sierra Leone, and quite in a encampment of Koryardu, in a Kono segment in eastern Sierra Leone, where a solid was discovered.

“There’s a reason God gave these diamonds to a lowest people in a universe and done a richest people wish them. This is Tikun Olam (Hebrew for editing a world), this is creation a universe a improved place,” Martin Rapaport, authority of Rapaport Group, a network of solid companies that will conduct a auction, told Reuters.

The diamond, that a auctioneers described as a 14th largest in a world, was unearthed in Koryardu in Mar by a Christian priest who gave it to a government.

Diamonds fueled a decade-long polite fight in Sierra Leone, finale in 2002, in that rebels forced civilians to cave a stones and bought weapons with a proceeds, heading to a tenure ‘blood diamonds’.

Writing by Mark Hanrahan in London; Editing by Susan Fenton


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