Seth Rogen fools shoppers with articulate food


NEW YORK – New York shoppers got a warn when food in a grocery store unexpected came to life and started articulate to them.

The animatronic  melon, fritter of bread and a sausage, placed around a store in Long Island City, New York and tranquil remotely by actor Seth Rogen were partial of an elaborate attempt to foster his raunchy comedy “Sausage Party.” Rogen, who voices some of a characters and came adult with a thought for a film, interacted with shoppers while dark in a camera control room.

The charcterised comedy is particularly for adults,  packed with intimately pithy jokes about supermarket dishes unknowingly they will be incited into dishes once they leave a shelves of a grocery store.

“Sausage Party” non-stop in U.S. film theaters on Friday and interjection to clever reviews is approaching to do good during a box office.


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