Serialized documentaries incompetent for Oscars in manners shakeup


LOS ANGELES Multi-part documentary array will be incompetent for a Oscars, organizers pronounced on Friday as partial of a new list of awards rules, only a few months after ESPN’s serialized “O.J.: Made in America” won a Oscar for best underline documentary.

The change will impact any multi-part and singular array documentaries that would have attempted to validate for subsequent year’s Oscar, a orator for a Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said.

Documentaries that are shown on TV or expelled on DVD before a subordinate run in theaters will be ineligible.

“O.J.: Made in America” is an eight-hour documentary that was shown as a film with intermissions during vital film festivals and singular theaters, so subordinate for Oscar contention. It was also shown opposite 5 installments on ABC and ESPN radio networks.

The film, an scrutiny into a 1995 murder hearing of former U.S. football star O.J. Simpson, won a best documentary Oscar in Feb over “13th,” “I Am Not Your Negro,” “Fire during Sea” and “Life, Animated.”

The Academy frequently updates a manners on Oscars eligibility and campaigning.

Other new manners this year enclosed Academy members no longer being authorised to attend any lunches or dinners for a film contending for Oscars that does not embody a screening.

The Academy pronounced a new manners were partial of “the stability bid to residence a emanate of extreme campaigning and gripping a courtesy on a cinema themselves.”

Voting for a best charcterised underline film difficulty will also now be open to all active Academy members, as against to a craft-based group. Disney’s “Zootopia” won a difficulty this year.

Last month, a Academy announced new protocols for a live televised awards rite after a backstage pouch confusion by a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) accountant led to “La La Land” poorly being named best design instead of “Moonlight,” in a biggest fumble in Oscar history.

Starting subsequent year, a Academy pronounced PwC will place a third accountant in a Oscars uncover control room, who will be means immediately to forewarn a executive should a mistake be made.

(Reporting by Piya Sinha-Roy; Editing by Sandra Maler)


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