Sao Paulo mayor declares fight on wall writers


SAO PAULO It took Brazilian artist Iaco one notation to whip out a can of mist paint and write “doria” 7 times opposite a gray wall in Sao Paulo.

It took 4 mins for a military officer to arrive, gun drawn, fetter Iaco and transport him to a nearest patrol – a quick response to a high-profile irritation in Mayor João Doria’s quarrel on graffiti.

This was not only any wall.

Weeks before, Doria donned orange overalls and a face facade to assistance mist gray paint over some 15,000 block meters of travel art along that same widen of Avenida 23 de Maio.

The predestine of those murals, consecrated by a before mayor, has sparked a discuss over a world-famous graffiti stage in South America’s biggest city and a place in a cleaner landscape illusory by Doria’s “Pretty City” program.

The mayor has given called a pierce to repaint that bustling entrance too reckless and now insists that his quarrel is not with a city’s colorful travel art though with a character of assertive tagging famous as “pichação.”

The angular, runic rise has cowed swaths of Sao Paulo’s landscape as secret travel artists scale buildings and landmarks with paint rollers and mist cans in hand, sketch a madness of many who welcome other forms of graffiti.

“A muralist is an artist and has a respect,” Doria pronounced in an talk this month, highlighting his skeleton to elect new works of travel art. “Pichação is charge … It is not a amicable problem. It is mental, criminal.”

Doria says military have held some-more than 100 people letter on walls illegally in Sao Paulo given he took bureau in January.

He has determined a excellent for pichação of adult to 10,000 reais ($3,200), or 10 times Brazil’s monthly smallest wage. But practitioners, famous as ‘pichadores’, contend that will do small to inhibit them from climbing high-rises and highway overpasses to leave their mark.

“What other artist puts their reserve during risk for what they do?” pronounced a pichador famous as Du.

“All art involves leisure of expression, though pichação is a countenance of freedom. You’re revelation a world, ‘Here we am. You can’t omit me.'”

Most pichadores write small some-more than their travel name or a name of their crew, and gangling amicable explanation in singular instances. “Who is Doria?” one scrawled in a tag.

Pichadores mostly contest for a top or many brazen tags, though few would spot another’s work. Although it is synonymous with civic decay, those who take partial contend pichação has no ties to gangs in Sao Paulo.

Some in a graffiti universe doubt a eminence between other travel art and pichação, that has been featured in a Berlin Biennale, during a Cartier Foundation in Paris and during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Originally desirous by complicated steel manuscript covers of a 1980s, a mysterious calligraphy has won admirers in a tellurian graffiti scene, including photographer Martha Cooper, who has documented a New York subculture for 4 decades.

“I’m a large fan of what they’re doing in Sao Paulo. They’ve invented their possess alphabet,” pronounced Cooper, who was introduced to a aged ensure pichadores on a new revisit to Brazil.

“It’s not acts of pointless desolation during all,” she said. “It’s a approach of creation your sourroundings your own.”

($1 = 3.15 reais)

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(Writing by Brad Haynes; modifying by Diane Craft)


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