Rouhani leads Iran presidential race, approaching to win


DUBAI/BEIRUT President Hassan Rouhani has an unbeatable lead in Iran’s presidential election, an Iranian central source told Reuters on Saturday, citing an early unaccepted tally, and is set to better his hardline opposition Ebrahim Raisi and win a second term.

In a lecture for reporters, interior method central Ali Asghar Ahmadi summarized a identical suit of votes received.

“It’s over, Rouhani is a winner,” a source pronounced on condition of anonymity.

The pragmatist Rouhani won 21.6 million votes in Friday’s hard-fought contest, compared to 14 million for Raisi, with 37 million votes counted, a source said, adding about 4 million some-more votes were still to be tallied.

The interior method central pronounced that with 25 million ballots approved by a authorities so far, Rouhani won 14.619 million and Raisi gained 10.125 million.

He pronounced 40 million votes had been cast, indicating a audience of about 70 percent, roughly identical to a display in 2013 elections when Rouhani swept into bureau in a landslide victory

Ahmadi pronounced final formula would be announced after on Saturday.

The large audience seemed to have adored Rouhani, whose backers’ categorical worry has been detachment among reformist-leaning electorate unhappy with a delayed gait of change.

Rouhani, 68, who took bureau earnest to open Iran to a universe and give a adults some-more leisure during home, faced an suddenly clever plea from Raisi, a dependent of autarchic personality Ali Khamenei.

The choosing is critical “for Iran’s destiny purpose in a segment and a world”, Rouhani, who struck a understanding with universe powers dual years ago to quell Iran’s chief module in lapse for a lifting of many mercantile sanctions, pronounced after voting.

Raisi, 56, has indicted Rouhani of mismanaging a economy and has trafficked to bad areas, vocalization during rallies pledging some-more gratification advantages and jobs.

He is believed to have a subsidy of a absolute Revolutionary Guards confidence force, as good as a taciturn support of Khamenei, whose powers outrank those of a inaugurated boss though who routinely steers transparent of day-to-day politics.

“I honour a outcome of a opinion of a people and a outcome will be reputable by me and all a people,” Raisi pronounced after voting, according to a semi-official Fars news agency.

However, Raisi after seemed during a Ministry of Interior in Tehran on Friday and complained of a necessity of list sheets during many polling stations, according to Fars. More list sheets were subsequently sent out, a group reported. 

The Guards and other hardliners had hoped that a win for Raisi would have given them an event to guarantee mercantile and domestic energy they see as jeopardized by a lifting of sanctions and opening of a nation to unfamiliar investment.

During weeks of campaigning, a dual categorical possibilities exchanged accusations of crime and savagery in unprecedentedly antagonistic radio debates. Both repudiate a other’s accusations.

Rouhani has urged a Guards not to happen in a vote, a warning that reflects a domestic tension. Suspicions that a Guards and a Basij company underneath their control falsified voting formula in preference of hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad led to 8 months of national protests in 2009, that were vigourously suppressed.


For typical Iranians, a choosing presents a sheer choice between competing visions of a country.

Rouhani, famous for decades as a mild-mannered investiture insider rather than a gung-ho reformer, has taken on a layer of a remodel stay in new weeks, with burning debate speeches that pounded a tellurian rights annals of his opponents.

“I voted for Rouhani to forestall Raisi’s victory. we don’t wish a hardliner to be my president,” pronounced Ziba Ghomeyshi in Tehran. “I waited in a line for 5 hours to expel my vote.”

Many pro-reform electorate are still lukewarm Rouhani supporters, unhappy with his disaster to make broader changes during his initial term. But they were concerned to keep out Raisi, who they see as representing a confidence state during a many fearsome: in a 1980s he was one of 4 judges who condemned thousands of domestic prisoners to death.

“I like his (Rouhani) detente process with a world. we know he is not a reformist, though who cares? What matters is that he is not Raisi,” worker Yousef Ghaemi, 43, pronounced by phone in a western city of Kermanshah.

For conservatives, a choosing represented a possibility to revive a values of a 1979 revolution, that requires inaugurated officials to be subordinate to a Shi’ite Muslim preaching and autarchic leader.

“I voted for Raisi since he is a supporter of Imam Khamenei. He will not confront a personality if elected. He will strengthen a Islamic identity,” pronounced Mehran Fardoust, 36, a shopkeeper nearby a Imam Reza Shrine in a holy city of Mashhad, Raisi’s home town.

Despite a dismissal of nuclear-related sanctions in 2016, slow uneven U.S. sanctions that aim Iran’s record on tellurian rights and terrorism have kept unfamiliar companies heedful of investing, tying a mercantile advantages so far.

Raisi has focused his debate on a economy, visiting farming areas and villages and earnest housing, jobs and some-more gratification benefits, a summary that could have resonated with millions of bad electorate indignant during a Tehran elite.

(Additional stating by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin, Writing by William Maclean; Editing by Samia Nakhoul)


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