Rome imposes fines for frolicking during famous fountains


ROME Rome is enormous down on anyone anticipating to reconstruct Anita Ekberg’s drop in a Trevi fountain in a film “La Dolce Vita” on Monday, commanding fines for bad function in and around a city’s flowing wonders.

One of Italy’s many visited cities, Rome has prolonged struggled to keep neat treasures such as a Colosseum, and tourists paddling in a sculpted fountains have finished small to assistance in new years.

Angry headlines in Italian newspapers as temperatures have risen in new weeks have enclosed “The incivility continues: Tourists in a fountains and a flowerbeds” and “Monuments underneath attack”.

Mayor Virginia Raggi pronounced people held picnicking or camping out on a fountains’ pedestals, putting their feet in a H2O or going for a float would be fined adult to 240 euros ($270).

“We need to strengthen a city, and good function is important,” Raggi, a member of a anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, pronounced in a video posted on Facebook.

The direct commanding a fines, that start from a smallest of 40 euros, is current for a summer deteriorate until Oct. 31.

“Rome’s military has been tasked with monitoring these sites even some-more closely,” Raggi pronounced in a video, filmed unaware a commanding white Altar of a Fatherland in executive Rome.

As good as a Trevi, a list of monuments noted out for additional insurance includes a 500 year-old Barcaccia, a boat-shaped fountain during a feet of a Spanish Steps that was badly chipped by inebriated football supporters in 2015.

(Reporting by Isla Binnie)


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