Rome experiments with policing tourists during Trevi Fountain


ROME (Reuters) – Visitors to Rome’s Trevi Fountain were on their best function on Tuesday as a city started contrast out a devise to clamp down on tourists dipping their feet into a dish of a centuries-old landmark.

A open cheer over inapt function during a Italian capital’s monuments stirred a mayor to direct in Jun that anyone held paddling in fountains or picnicking on their pedestals could be fined adult to 240 euros ($280.44).

Volunteers in military uniform patrolled a throng around a travertine dish that surrounds a mill digest of Tritons running a bombard chariot of H2O God Oceanus.

“At this initial stage, they are here to assistance people suffer a relic when it is during a many crowded, perplexing to safeguard people observe a mayor’s decree,” internal military commander Diego Porta told Repubblica TV.

Italy’s enlightenment apportion has suggested crowds should be singular during some of Italy’s birthright sites, that embody a whole ancestral centers of some cities including Rome.

($1 = 0.8558 euros)

Reporting by Max Rossi, essay by Isla Binnie, modifying by Pritha Sarkar


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