Rome ‘decorum cops’ mislay picture display pope as graffiti artist


ROME A larger-than-life picture display Pope Francis as a disreputable graffiti artist portrayal assent signs on a wall nearby a Vatican was taken down by Rome’s “decorum cops” on Wednesday only hours after it went up.

The picture showed a pope on a step ladder personification a diversion of tic-tac-toe by portrayal round assent signs in place of zeros as a Swiss Guard in a billowing uniform acts as a surveillance opposite witnesses or police.

Street artist Mauro Pallotta, who signs his work “Maupal”, embellished it on paper in his studio and pasted it adult with glue and lacquer on a dilemma nearby a Vatican overnight.

Early Wednesday afternoon, a maroon outpost noted “Decorum Squad of a City of Rome” arrived carrying city sanitation workers, who bloody a design off a wall with high-pressure H2O sprays.

Local media have criticized a unit, ridiculed as “the culture cops”, for stealing renouned art while unsightly graffiti blights many buildings and heaps of rubbish raise adult on sidewalks since of a collection backlog.

Last year, a same patrol took down another of Pallotta’s creations in a same neighborhood. It showed Francis as a comic book favourite Superman holding off into a atmosphere and carrying a black briefcase temperament a word “valores,” Spanish for values.

(Reporting by Philip Pullella; Editing by Tom Heneghan)


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