Results of the dubious referendum in Turkey


The constitutional referendum aiming to formalize the dictatorship of Turkey’s Erdoğan has concluded with 48,6 % ‘No’ vote against 51,4 % ‘Yes’ vote.

The referendum witnessed a participation rate of 83,3 %, with ‘Yes’ receiving 24,325,985 votes against ‘No’ with 23,189,021 votes. While the vote difference was 1,136,964, one million votes were considered invalid.

The overseas votes put ‘Yes’ ahead of ‘No’ with 59,17 % against 40,83 %.

In the meantime, CHP and HDP denounced that there were 2.5 million suspicious votes due to the use of voting papers and envelopes without official stamps which were approved to be valid by the Supreme Election Board (YSK) on AKP’s demand as voting still continued.


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