Post-it note art fight engulfs ad agencies on New York City street


NEW YORK A review conducted regulating gummy Post-it records on a windows of dual offices in Lower Manhattan has gay passersby and drawn a series of adjacent promotion agencies to join what is now a rarely contested art battle.

It all began when employees during one firm, Havas Media, replied to an unknown “HI” summary that was left opposite from a bureau building on Canal Street. There are now hundreds of colorful records decorating windows in a area.

“It’s kind of only ballooned organically and turn something that no one’s utterly determining and we don’t know where it’s going next,” pronounced Greg James, arch plan growth officer for Havas Media, a section of French promotion and communications organisation Havas SA.

After a Havas group replied with a possess “SUP,” a quarrel began. Others in a building took part, and agencies opposite a travel dismissed behind with artistic window art featuring characters from HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” a Snapchat logo, renouned strain lyrics and cartoons from a Angry Birds mobile app.

More than a week after it started, a Post-it art fight now involves other internal promotion agencies including Horizon Media, Biolumina, Harrison and Star, Getty Images and Cake Group, that is partial of a Havas network. And it has widespread to Havas offices as distant afield as London, Toronto and Dublin.

Using a hashtags #postitwar and #canalnotes, many amicable media users, group employees and even clients are holding to Twitter and Instagram to share their favorite portraits.

James pronounced Havas is deliberating how a organisation could make a unpretentious foe some-more suggestive or tie it somehow to a larger cause.

“We don’t wish to control it too most since we consider what’s good is that it’s so liquid and that everybody owns it away or in small teams,” he said.

Across a travel during Horizon Media, some employees have been regulating customer brands to enthuse their window portraits.

Molly Reich, a digital strategist for Horizon Media, pronounced she is vehement that a foe is holding off, notwithstanding a proxy check caused by building supervisors.

“Our landlord wouldn’t concede us to participate,” pronounced Reich, whose window includes a Post-it note depiction of a animation characters featured on GoGo sqeeZ applesauce, a Horizon Media client.

“But afterwards someone from offices and liberality talked to them and they finally agreed,” she said.

(Editing by Daniel Wallis and Matthew Lewis)


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