Polish travel artists out to revitalise exhausted Bulgarian village


STARO ZHELEZARE, Bulgaria (Reuters) – A organisation of immature Polish artists are bringing a dash of colorful travel art to a exhausted encampment in southern Bulgaria with vast outside murals, featuring locals alongside some of a world’s famous politicians and celebrities.

Eye-catching works, including portraits of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, a Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Angela Merkel, Margaret Thatcher and Barack Obama, have been constructed as partial of an eventuality called “Open village/ encampment avant-garde”.

“The thought is to uncover that each particular has their possess character and it is not critical if we are famous or not,” pronounced Katarzyna Piriankov, who began portrayal in Staro Zhelezare with her Bulgarian-born father Ventzislav a few years ago in a wish of respirating new life into a village.

“An aged lady from Staro Zhelezare could contend something important, only like Barack Obama or Donald Trump.”

Locals, who happily acted for murals, wish a paintings might captivate tourists as good as trigger a much-needed mercantile reconstruction in a village, where a race shrank 5 overlay to reduction than 500 following a tumble of communism in Bulgaria in 1989.

Staro Zhelezare is only a stone’s chuck from a largest Thracian church unearthed to date in a Balkans.

It is one of many villages in a European Union’s lowest member, that is curse in a face of low birth rates and a exodus of immature adults to a some-more moneyed West.

“I came … to give some tone and beauty to a place and to a people,” travel artist Kinga Matuszewska, who studies design in Poznan, pronounced on Friday as she finished her piece. “People here are so good and friendly.”

Reporting by Angel Krasimirov; Editing by Radu Marinas and Toby Davis


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