Paris packet lures tourists with treasures


PARIS (Reuters) – After some-more than a thousand years of service, a Paris packet has thrown a doors open to a open with a immeasurable muster of treasures, collectors’ coins and a perspective of a craftsmen in their workshops.

On a banks of a River Seine, workers chisel, press and engrave medals and memorabilia in a bureau that advertises itself as a oldest in a French capital, with a story stretching behind to a year 864.

Since a introduction of a euro in 2002, a packet – or a ‘Monnaie de Paris’ – has upheld industrial-scale prolongation of bland coinage to a plant in a southwestern city of Pessac.

Its workforce, about 150-strong, is now counting on collectors, a extraordinary and tourists to give it a longer franchise of life.

“Here we packet coins that still have a value,” a mint’s arch executive, Aurelien Rousseau, said. “But it is indeed some-more mostly collectors who are meddlesome in these products.”

Displays embody ancient value chests, a silver dating behind some-more than 2,000 years and a gold scale magnitude that stays a general anxiety of a metric system.

Reporting by Johnny Cotton; Writing by Brian Love; Editing by Andrew Heavens


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