Old adequate to remember Mexican Revolution, too aged for bank card


GUADALAJARA, Mexico Born during a spin of a past century, Maria Felix is aged adequate to remember a Mexican Revolution though too aged to get a bank label indispensable to collect her monthly 1,200 pesos ($63) gratification remuneration for a elderly.

Felix turns 117 in July, according to her birth certificate that internal authorities commend as authentic – that could put her in a ranks of a world’s oldest vital people.

But Felix went 3 months though state support for bad aged Mexicans after she was incited divided from a bend of Citibanamex in a city of Guadalajara for being too old, pronounced Miguel Castro, growth secretary for a state of Jalisco.

Welfare beneficiaries now need particular bank accounts since of new clarity rules, Castro said.

“They told me a extent was 110 years,” Felix pronounced with a grin in a plant-filled yard of her tiny residence in Guadalajara.

Felix, who sells candies from a mount outward her home, got by on her medium sales though was gay when Castro became wakeful of her case, delivering a check and an reparation to her in person.

“Sooner or later, God provides,” pronounced Felix, fluttering a wrinkled hand. “Here we am.”

In an emailed statement, Citibanamex, a section of Citigroup Inc, pronounced Felix’s age exceeded a “calibration limits” of a complement and it was operative to get Felix a bank label as shortly as possible. It pronounced it was adjusting a systems to equivocate a repeat of a situation.

Castro called a conditions “absurd” and pronounced his bureau would keep giving Felix checks until a problem was resolved.

Felix, who has outlived 6 of her 10 children, has survived worse times. She pronounced her father was killed and her mom kidnapped when she was a immature child and that her dual siblings after left in a 1910-1920 Mexican Revolution.

“I grew adult like an animal on a street,” Felix said. But she also looked behind fondly on a past, sullen as she described a irritability she pronounced was prevalent today.

“Before we were bad though happy, in peace,” Felix said.

Felix credits her longevity to God and described a diet of stewed beans, nopal cactus, greens and a Mexican fruit pinguica – nonetheless she combined she had difficulty digesting beans these days.

Alma Salas, a conduct of a Jaliscan Institute for a Elderly, pronounced Felix was in surprisingly good health and had refused a wheelchair she attempted to give her final year – preferring a shaft instead.

The world’s oldest vital chairman is now 117-year-old Violet Brown of Jamaica, according to a Gerontology Research Group. Only 2 percent of claims by people who contend they are over 115 are accurate by a routine requiring mixed documents, according to a group’s website.

Felix pronounced she did not spend most time worrying about her gratification payments.

“Whether they give me assistance or not, I’ll be as happy as we have been all of my bad life,” Felix said.

(Reporting by Reuters TV in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Mitra Taj in Mexico City; Writing by Mitra Taj; Editing by Peter Cooney)


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