Raising awareness and dispelling myths — national media coverage of developmental reconciliation and dialogue work, especially those efforts in Pakistan that are generally characterized by violence has the ability to change opinion, overcome destructive stereotypes and mobilize key agents of change.

Opening up channels of communication — CBL Radio is a channel for communication between groups in conflict that seldom comes face to face.

Increasing the number of people moved through Behavior Change and Strategic Communication — a broader, larger audience for our programs and news results in greater impact and scope.
Increased visibility and credibility — when our work appears on media describing “what can be done”, it increases ours and our partners’ ability to influence others and tackle even greater problems.

CBL Radio is first ever interactive satellite and Net Radio and subsidiary of CBN, which is serving in UK, US, and South Asia, with millions of viewers , listeners, readers and visitors.

It was launched in Pakistan on the 68th Independence of Pakistan.

As an independent media outlet, CBL Radio is trying to carve out a just humanist and progressive society.