New Brussels museum tells story from European perspective


BRUSSELS An interactive museum exploring Europe’s different story of wars, a EU and even Brexit opens to a open in Brussels on Saturday, perplexing to tell a story of a continent from a non-national perspective.

Visitors to a complicated six-storey House of European History, saved by a European Parliament, can take an interactive debate in 24 languages, starting in antiquity and heading past a dual good wars of a 20th century and a reformation routine towards a joined continent that followed.

The museum will continue to develop with destiny events such as Brexit, a depart of a United Kingdom from a European Union, a museum’s calm coordinator Andrea Mork explained.

“Depending on tomorrow’s events, we are perplexing to refurbish as most as possible. But as a museum we need a certain stretch to weigh what is important,” she said.

The museum, that cost 55.4 million euros ($60.8 million) and 7 million euros in annual expenses, was criticized as “a extravagantly impracticable self-centredness project” by Jonathan Arnott, a member of a European Parliament for British eurosceptic celebration UKIP.

The parliament’s boss Antonio Tajani discharged a criticism, observant a museum was an investment in enlightenment as good as a preparation of destiny generations.

(Reporting by Camille Bottin)


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