Man jailed for 13 years for Facebook ‘hate speech’




LAHORE: An anti-terrorism justice has jailed a Shia Muslim for 13 years after he posted what it deemed narrow-minded loathing debate on Facebook, officials pronounced Monday, with rights activists condemning a statute as “extremely concerning”.

Saqlain Haidar, 32, who ran a tiny hotel in Chiniot was also fined Rs250,000 for “posting horrible element opposite companions of a Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)”, an central of a Counter Terrorism Department told AFP, requesting anonymity.

Abdul Majeed, a comparison internal counter-terrorism official, reliable a incident.

“The crook was arrested on Oct 27 after locals complained about him and he was charged for swelling narrow-minded loathing underneath several clauses of a anti-terrorism act,” he told AFP.

Facebook revises discipline to moment down on nudity, loathing speech, belligerent activity

Majeed pronounced a indicted was expelled on bail a day later, afterwards arrested and detained on Nov 21 after a justice convicted him.

In May an imam in a Kasur district of Punjab was jailed for 5 years for inciting loathing opposite a opposition minority Shia sect. In Oct a former personality of a criminialized narrow-minded celebration was detained for 6 months for loathing speech.

Bytes for All, a tellurian rights group, pronounced it had not been means to determine a sum of Haidar’s case, though added: “We are intensely endangered that an anti-terrorism justice has been used to hear a box apparently associated to online debate rather than to any aroused activities.”

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A orator forked criminialized belligerent groups including a Taliban and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi have a poignant amicable media participation in Pakistan and “appear to be handling openly underneath a eyes of authorities”.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has blocked hundreds of nonconformist and narrow-minded websites and amicable media accounts in a past though they mostly cocktail adult anew underneath opposite names.

Bytes for All pronounced Haidar’s box was a initial it knew of in that someone was convicted for posting narrow-minded element on Facebook, though that heresy charges were mostly brought opposite amicable media users.


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