Lonely during Valentine’s? Philippines offers pet lovers dates with dogs


MANILA (Reuters) – Man’s best crony has been a blind date friend for some Filipinos around Valentine’s Day, with a Manila rescue core personification cupid by putting on candle-lit dinners to try to compare homeless mutts with dog lovers.

Visitors took selfies, hugged and fed treats to newfound bushy friends discovered from loveless homes, some blank a leg or even a snout. Each date enclosed a flashy list for dual and cost only $6 to assistance account a preserve run by a aptly named PAWS, or Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

“I don’t have a date for Valentine’s so we went here for one. My adore for dogs will never go away,” pronounced Taki Saito, a college student.

The activity aims to foster adoption and diffuse a notice that preserve animals are dangerous and aggressive, pronounced PAWS preparation officer Sharon Yap.

PAWS hopes to inspire Filipinos to adopt, rather than buy.

“Even wandering dogs, wandering animals that are deliberate as aggressive, with adequate adore and care, they can indeed be rehabilitated into amatory animals as well,” Yap said.

The preserve looks after some-more than 70 dogs and 230 cats discovered from erring owners. Visitors can date a dogs until Feb. 17.

In a lunar calendar, a Year of a Dog starts on Friday.

Reporting by Ronn Bautista, Writing by Neil Jerome Morales; Editing by Martin Petty


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