Japanese interactive art muster dazzles Beijing


BEIJING A new digital interactive muster in Beijing allows visitors to emanate their possess art and see it immediately reflected in a work being displayed around them.

The project, “Living Digital Forest and Future Park”, is a initial to be non-stop in China by a Japanese art common teamLab.

The Tokyo-based association pronounced a work aims to mix art, scholarship and record into an interactive experience.

The Beijing muster includes a digital garden of floating flowers and timberland animals, and a clear star of light sculptures.

Visitors can use their smartphones to send commands to change a artworks around them automatically according to a selected patterns.

Children can indicate their drawn art and have it incorporated into an charcterised universe of colorful rockets and vehicles relocating on a rollercoaster-like highway.

“Here we have a possibility to spend some time with my child and do something together that severely enriches his mind,” pronounced Ren Lei, who was sketch during a list with his six-year-old son.

The muster will run to Oct 10 in Beijing before it moves to Shenzhen in a south.

(Reporting by Irene Wang, Writing by Karishma Singh; Editing by Nick Macfie)


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