Japan justice orders dual chief reactors to close down over reserve fears: media




TOKYO: A Japanese justice on Wednesday systematic dual informal chief reactors to close down over reserve concerns, open broadcaster NHK reported, only days before a fifth anniversary of a Fukushima chief disaster.

The sequence would move a series of handling reactors in Japan down to two. Dozens were close down in a arise of a accident.


The statute is a initial to need a shutdown of reactors that were restarted underneath stricter reserve standards adopted after a 2011 accident, a misfortune atomic predicament in a generation.

The statute from a Otsu District Court — that sided with area residents who launched their authorised movement claiming a reactors acted reserve risks — is a blow to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s bid to move behind chief power.

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The reactors systematic to be shuttered are Kansai Electric’s No 3 and No. 4 reactors during a Takahama chief plant, some 350 kilometres (217 miles) west of Tokyo, NHK said.

The No.4 reactor was taken offline final month due to an astonishing glitch days after it restarted, while a No. 3 reactor is now operating.

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Kansai Electric did not immediately criticism on a media reports.

After a sequence was handed down Wednesday, radio footage showed plaintiffs and internal residents entertaining and holding banners celebrating their victory.


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