Japan bathhouse offers ‘naked school’ to captivate bathers


TOKYO A Tokyo bathhouse is charity classes on topics trimming from comedy to gaming in hopes of luring younger bathers and reversing Japan’s failing tradition of community baths.

During one new eventuality of a “Naked School” during a Hinodeyu bath house, 9 group sat around a bath, listening to an consultant on a ancient house diversion Go.

“I consider immature people would be meddlesome and come behind to community baths if they knew these kind of classes are charity here,” Tadashi Manayama, a 37-year-old architect, pronounced after class.

Yuichi Tamura, manager of a Hinodeyu, operated by his family given 1939, pronounced many immature people had never been to a community bath given many homes have complicated bathrooms.

“I wanted to give them a reason to revisit us by charity an peculiar eventuality like this exposed school,” Tamura told Reuters Television.

In a heyday, some-more than 500 people bathed daily during Hinodeyu nearby Tokyo’s Asakusa district. Today that series is around 100, he said.

Traditional bathhouses, famous as sento, once numbered some-more than 2,600 in Tokyo alone in a late 1960s, though given afterwards have seen a light decrease and stirred some bathhouses to come adult with novel ideas to captivate customers.

At Hinodeyu, a acknowledgment cost of 460 yen ($4) allows anyone to attend a category on a subject of a month. Bathers schooled about normal comedy in April, while a subject for Mar was a open bath industry.

Looking forward to June, bathers will learn how to understanding with a internal problem of wandering cats.

“It can be anything as prolonged as we have something to learn people,” Hinodeyu’s website said.

(Reporting by Hyun Oh, modifying by Darren Schuettler)


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