Is 16th-century colourless blueprint a exposed Mona Lisa?


PARIS (Reuters) – A French art consultant believes a colourless blueprint kept in a collection for some-more than 150 years might be a basic blueprint finished by Leonardo da Vinci of a Mona Lisa.

The black-and-white blueprint of a woman, bare from a waist up, famous as a Monna Vanna, was formerly attributed to Leonardo’s studio, suggesting it was finished in his character by a student or follower, not by a master himself.

But after rough tests during a Louvre Museum, experts trust a blueprint might good have been drawn by Leonardo.

Among a signs, according to curator Mathieu Deldicque, are a fact a blueprint was finished during a same duration as a Mona Lisa, a paper is from a same segment of Italy, and a technique is really identical to that of a Mona Lisa.

“We know a blueprint was finished during a lifetime of Leonardo da Vinci, we know that a paper was finished in Italy, between Venice and Florence, and a third find is a high peculiarity of this blueprint in a face of a Monna Vanna and in her arms,” Deldicque told reporters.

“That’s really engaging given a arms are a same as a Mona Lisa‘s.”

Leonardo, who lived from 1452 to 1519, was an engineer, scientist, contriver and sculptor, as good as one of a excellent artists of a Italian Renaissance.

He embellished a Mona Lisa, also famous as La Gioconda and regarded as a world’s many profitable artwork, during a commencement of a 16th century. It is believed to etch Lisa Gherardini, a mother of a successful merchant.


The colourless portrait, in that a lady is holding a identical poise to a Mona Lisa though with her physique some-more side-on and her conduct incited serve over her left shoulder, has been reason in a collection during a Conde Museum during a Palace of Chantilly, north of Paris, given 1862.

The Mona Lisa and Monna Vanna reason their hands in really identical ways, a right palm opposite a left and resting on a forearm, a fingers kindly extended.

Deldicque pronounced that while it was sparkling to consider a colourless blueprint was combined by Leonardo, there were some-more tests to be done.

“We have one some-more month of research and afterwards a really delayed routine of story of art with a collection of analysts and recommendation by specialists,” he said.

It is probable that routine will establish that a authorship is a same. But it might also be inconclusive, he said, adding: “Maybe a poser will remain.”

Additional stating by Tatiana Chadenat; Editing by Andrew Bolton


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