Iraq launches allege on Kurdish territory, seizes Kirkuk outskirts


BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters) – Iraq’s executive supervision army launched an allege early on Monday into domain hold by Kurds, seizing a tie of panorama surrounding a oil city of Kirkuk in a confidant infantry response to a Kurdish opinion final month on independence.

The supervision pronounced a infantry had prisoner Kirkuk airport, modernized to a city’s gates and taken control of northern Iraq’s oil association from a confidence army of a unconstrained Kurdish region, famous as Peshmerga.

Baghdad described a allege as mostly unopposed, and called on a Peshmerga to concur in gripping a peace. But a Peshmerga pronounced Baghdad would be done to compensate “a complicated price” for triggering “war on a Kurdistan people”.

Washington called for ease on both sides, seeking to avert an all-out dispute between Baghdad and a Kurds that would open a whole new front in Iraq’s 14-year polite quarrel and potentially pull in informal powers such as Turkey and Iran.

A proprietor inside Kirkuk pronounced members of a racial Turkmen village in a city of 1 million people were celebrating, pushing in convoys with Iraqi flags and banishment shots in a air. Residents feared this could lead to clashes with Kurds.

The overnight allege was a many wilful step Baghdad has taken nonetheless to vanquish a autonomy bid of a Kurds, who have governed an unconstrained partial of Iraq given a tumble of Saddam Hussein in 2003 and voted on Sept. 25 to secede.

Kirkuk, one of a many ethnically and religiously different cities in Iraq, is located only outward a unconstrained Kurdish zone. Kurds cruise it a heart of their homeland and contend it was cleansed of Kurds and staid with Arabs underneath Saddam to secure control of a oil that was a source of Iraq’s wealth.

Prime Minister Haidar Abadi systematic confidence army “to levy confidence in Kirkuk in team-work with a race of a city and a Peshmerga”.

“We call on a Peshmerga army to offer underneath a sovereign management as partial of a Iraqi armed forces,” he pronounced in a matter review out on state television.

State TV pronounced Iraqi army had also entered Tuz Khurmato, a flashpoint city where there had been clashes between Kurds and generally Shi‘ite Muslims of Turkmen ethnicity.

The Kurdish informal supervision did not primarily endorse a Iraqi advances, though Rudaw, a vital Kurdish TV station, reported that Peshmerga had left positions south of Kirkuk.

The “government of Abadi bears a categorical shortcoming for triggering quarrel on a Kurdistan people, and will be done to compensate a complicated price”, a Peshmerga authority pronounced in a statement, cited by Kurdish personality Masoud Barzani’s partner Hemin Hawrami.

  • Iraq warns Kurdistan not to close down Kirkuk oil flows
  • U.S.-led anti-Islamic State bloc says Iraqi-Kurdish strife in Kirkuk is misunderstanding
  • Iraqi Kurds contend Baghdad will compensate complicated cost for assault

Washington works closely with both a sovereign army and a Kurdish Peshmerga to quarrel opposite Islamic State.

“We call on all parties to immediately stop infantry movement and revive ease while we continue to work with officials from a executive and informal governments to revoke tensions and equivocate and futher clashes,” a U.S. embassy said.

“ISIS stays a loyal rivalry of Iraq, and we titillate all parties to sojourn focused on finishing a ransom of their nation from this menace.”

A matter by a U.S.-led general infantry charge force in Iraq described a clashes outward Kirkuk as a “misunderstanding”.

Bayan Sami Rahman, a Kurdish informal government’s deputy in a United States, tweeted a defence for Washington to “use (its) care purpose to forestall war”.

The movement in Iraq helped coax a burst in universe oil prices on Monday.[O/R]


Baghdad considers final month’s Kurdish autonomy opinion illegal, generally as it was hold not only in a unconstrained segment though outward it, in Kirkuk and other areas a Kurdish Peshmerga assigned after pushing out Islamic State fighters.

The Kurdish secession bid was strongly against by neighbors Iran and Turkey. Washington, associated with a Kurds for decades, had pleaded in vain for them to cancel a vote, arguing that it could lead to informal quarrel and a dissection of Iraq.

Abadi’s supervision has been underneath clever vigour from Iran-backed militias from Iraq’s Arab Shi‘ite Muslim infancy to take infantry movement to vanquish a Kurdish autonomy bid.

The supervision pronounced a forces, including a chosen U.S.-trained Counter Terrorism Service, had changed roughly unopposed into a industrial section only south of Kirkuk and a oil, gas, comforts located south and west of a city.

Iraqi oil attention officials pronounced there was no intrusion to prolongation from a comforts of a North Oil Company, that is formed in Kirkuk and one of a dual categorical oil companies that together yield scarcely all of Iraq’s supervision revenue.

The city of Kirkuk itself remained underneath Kurdish control, 12 hours after a start of a Iraqi operation, though dual routes in and out were underneath control of a Iraqi forces.

“We have no orders to enter a city, only to secure a surroundings,” a infantry commander concerned in a operation told Reuters, adding that a Kurdish army had pulled out in an nurse demeanour from a position taken by a Iraqi forces.

Another infantry commander said: “Kurdish leaders we cruise a brothers have concluded to palm over control of North Oil and North Gas association comforts that go to a state.”

There were signs of inner dispute among a Kurds, who have been divided for decades into dual categorical factions, a KDP of informal supervision personality Barzani and a PUK of his longtime opposition Jalal Talabani, who served as rite Iraqi President in Baghdad from 2003-2014 and died dual weeks ago.

Both parties control their possess Peshmerga units. While Barzani’s KDP strongly upheld a autonomy referendum, some PUK total were some-more circumspect. Monday’s Peshmerga matter cited by Barzani’s partner indicted a coterie within a PUK of “treason” for aiding Baghdad’s advance: “We bewail that some PUK officials helped in this plot,” it said.

Although Iraqi officials portrayed a Kurds as retreating but a fight, Kurdish officials pronounced Peshmerga had clashed with a “Popular Mobilisation”, Shi‘ite army lerned and armed by Iran that work alongside unchanging Iraqi troops.

The Peshmerga and Popular Mobilisation exchanged artillery glow south of Kirkuk, a Kurdish confidence executive said. The executive pronounced a Peshmerga had pushed behind dual assaults and broken several Popular Mobilisation vehicles.

The U.S.-led charge force pronounced it was wakeful of “a singular sell of glow during predawn hours”, that it believed was “a disagreement and not counsel as dual elements attempted to couple adult underneath singular prominence conditions”.


The standing of Kirkuk and predestine of a Kurds were left unsettled 14 years ago when a U.S.-led advance defeated Saddam. During a years of U.S. function that followed, Washington leaned on a Kurdish allies to keep their ambitions in check to equivocate triggering another quarrel amid an rebellion by Sunni Arabs.

Since Islamic State fighters swept opposite a third of Iraq in 2014 and were finally driven out of their categorical Iraqi building progressing this year, a Kurds have found themselves in their strongest position on a belligerent for generations.

Their personality Barzani pronounced a time had come for an autonomy referendum. But a opinion crossed a red line in a region, where countries contend a uneven redrawing of a borders can never be permitted.

Turkey, that had grown a good operative attribute with a Iraqi Kurds and let a landlocked segment trade oil by a pipes, has swung behind Baghdad, mad during a secession bid that competence light identical final from a possess Kurds.

In a statement, Turkey pronounced it would mount by Baghdad to yield assent and stability, and was prepared to work with Iraq’s executive authorities to finish a participation of a outlawed Kurdish belligerent organisation PKK, that has fought an rebellion in Turkey.

Writing by Maher Chmaytelli and Peter Graff; Additional stating by Matt Spetalnick in Washington; Editing by Alison Williams


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