Iranian film "A Man of Integrity" wins ‘Certain Regard’ foe during Cannes


CANNES, France A film by an Iranian who was arrested for his work in Iran won a “Un Certain Regard” foe during a Cannes Film Festival on Saturday, bolstering a country’s filmmakers’ repute for defying a censors to make high-quality films.

“A Man of Integrity”, filmed in Iran though doubtful ever to be shown there due to censorship, is a moving play about a male persecuted by absolute mercantile and domestic army who refuses to cheat his approach out of trouble.

Writer-director Mohammad Rasoulof, 45, was arrested alongside acclaimed executive Jafar Panahi in 2010 and condemned to jail. He is giveaway on bail and has continued to make films that try domestic and dignified corruption.

Clutching a corkscrew he had usually been awarded, Rasoulof pronounced he hoped a esteem would make things easier for him to make films in Iran.

“I adore Iran, though it’s like an alcoholic father, infrequently it hits me,” he told Reuters.

Rasoulof’s win comes 3 months after Asghar Farhadi won a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for “The Salesman”, also shot in Iran, and recognizes him as a vital force in general cinema.

“International support has unequivocally helped all filmmakers and generally me, by interlude a vigour they were putting on us,” Rasoulof told Reuters in an talk progressing in a festival.

Rasoulof pronounced Iranian authorities had given him a assent to fire “A Man of Integrity” though usually after he sealed a paper earnest not to make it “too dark”. He has not been postulated accede to shade a film in Iran so, like his prior 5 features, it is doubtful to be seen there solely around unapproved copies.

Variety called “A Man of Integrity” “a tense, enraging play about crime and misapplication … a sardonic critique of contemporary Iranian multitude … (that) manages to ring on both specific and concept levels”.

“Un Certain Regard”, a apart territory from a categorical foe during Cannes, recognizes younger talent and innovative filmmaking. The winners in a categorical competition, including a Palme d’Or for best picture, will be announced on Sunday.

(Additional stating by Helena Williams and Fedja Grulovic; Editing by Gareth Jones)


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