In late April, Dutch tulip tuber farmers clout off a flowers’ heads


AMSTERDAM As a finish of Apr approaches, Dutch tulip farmers ready for “topping”, when they run slicing machines by a fields opposite a north and west of a country, lopping off a colorful flower heads and withdrawal a stalks and plants to wither.

Throughout a month, a tulip fields are in full freshness and tourists group to attractions such as a Keukenhof flower garden in The Hague to see a year’s designs and fantastic new strains.

To a un-initiated, a “topping” that follows might demeanour like meaningless destruction.

In fact, it’s all partial of a tulip’s flourishing cycle, as a plant afterwards diverts a appetite to a still-living tuber underground, that will freshness again.

The revived bulbs are harvested in mid-summer and sole to growers for planting in a autumn.

(Reporting by Toby Sterling; Editing by Hugh Lawson)


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