Huge chocolate statues open adult in Belgium


DURBUY, Belgium (Reuters) – It sounds like a chocoholic’s dreamland – hulk sculptures of elephants and flamingos all crafted from Belgian chocolate.

The animal creations, adult to 3 meters tall, are a centerpiece of an muster in Belgium of around 50 chocolate pieces by 40 general artists.

The ChocoPalace festival, in a tiny city of Durbuy, southeast of Brussels, also facilities a chocolate stream and stalls offered macaroons and boozy chocolate drinks.

The festival has already captivated some-more than 30,000 visitors and is set to pull in copiousness some-more over a Easter holidays until it closes on Apr 8.

Durbuy, with a race of around 10,000, light-heartedly bills itself as “the smallest city in a world”, and attracts sightseers from circuitously Brussels and Luxembourg.

“The thought was to move a biggest chocolate sculpture festival in a universe to a smallest city in a world,” pronounced Laura Trommelen, from PLG, a promotion organisation that has organized a festival.

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Reporting by Natalie Rice; Writing by Samantha Koester; Editing by Robert-Jan Bartunek and Alison Williams


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