Hot and honeyed and red all over, Serbian encampment hangs peppers out to dry


DONJA LOKOSNICA, Serbia (Reuters) – The encampment of Donja Lokosnica has incited red, as a peppers collect unresolved out to dry on roughly any wall brings a rinse of heated tone to this Serbian tillage community.

Most of a 1,300 inhabitants are concerned in flourishing red peppers, that are air-dried before being belligerent into paprika, a critical piquancy in Balkan cuisine.

Part of a stand is hung to dry in late September, strung adult from trees, roofs and on walls – where they demeanour like thick, flush ivy.

The self-proclaimed “paprika collateral of a world,” off a highway between Belgrade and Macedonia’s collateral Skopje, has been flourishing honeyed and prohibited peppers for generations in a cycle durability 9 months any year.

“Life goes by with paprika,” says Verka Stojanovic, a lady in her 80s.

Individual peppers seeds are planted in cosmetic cups starting on Mar 8 and are eliminated to a belligerent in May. The plants adore feverishness and a 2017 collect was abundant, tasty and abounding in tone and ambience interjection to a boiling prohibited summer.

The peppers are “sweet as sugar, though also hot,” Verka said.

Some of a peppers are sole uninformed and can be used to make ajvar, a normal Serbian seasoning that also contains garlic, chili peppers and roasted aubergine.

Reporting by Reuters; Writing by Aleksandar Vasovic; Editing by Robin Pomeroy


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