Graffiti set pattern adds punch to Cuba museum festival


HAVANA (Reuters) – A play parodying a lengths some Cubans will go to in sequence to acquire a few traveller dollars set opposite a backdrop of socially vicious graffiti is adding punch to Havana’s annual museum festival.

The first-time partnership between maestro museum executive Nelda Castillo, 64, and travel artist Yulier Rodriguez, 27, underscores confusion among some Cubans with a new liquid of tourists on a cash-strapped, Communist-run island.

The interdisciplinary spectacle, “¡Guan melón!, ¡tu melón!”, is also an instance of a innovative ways Cubans are pulling a bounds of vicious expression.

Rodriguez’s scary murals of creatures that demeanour malnourished and deformed had turn entire via Havana over a final 3 years, reflecting his perspective of a dim trail on that multitude was.

But a artist pronounced authorities incarcerated him for dual days in Aug and systematic him to stop portrayal in open spaces.

Graffiti is seen as desolation in many countries, nonetheless Rodriguez suspects authorities stopped him some-more since they did not like a calm of his work.

“Now we am singular in what we can do in a streets, any space where we can vaunt my work becomes a space of insurgency for me,” pronounced Rodriguez.

Castillo, who mostly collaborates with visible artists, pronounced she invited Rodriguez to paint a walls of a eminent El Ciervo Encantado museum since she knew his graffiti would heighten her play.

“The square is about a Cubans’ onslaught in a travel in a context of a new family with a United States and a liquid of American visitors,” she said. “His work is also about that onslaught in a street.”

In a play that was initial staged final year, a spare and hunker comic twin try frantically to perform tourists nearing on journey ships with Cuban tunes and to sell them outsized cigars and paper cones of peanuts.

A tyro with a manic feign smile, easy English and a hypersexualised travel sells chocolate and offers salsa lessons, city tours and musical acts “as approach to make ends meet.”

In a beleaguered economy that shrank final year and where a normal state income is $30 a month, a traveller zone is a relations bullion mine.

Castillo pronounced Rodriguez’s graffiti – eerie, frightened and hungry-looking creatures with 4 eyes, dual gaping mouths or a climax of skulls – was like another protagonist in a play.

“Dialogue is always enriching as prolonged as it is coherent,” pronounced Castillo.

The dual kept still about their partnership until a day it non-stop to a public, during a start of a museum festival that runs from Oct. 20-29.

“Fingers crossed no one from adult tip orders a graffiti to be erased,” pronounced Rodriguez.

Reporting by Sarah Marsh; modifying by Diane Craft


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