Fruit, prawns off a menu during China’s stern celebration Congress


BEIJING (Reuters) – No giveaway fruit in hotel rooms, no giveaway hair cuts and no prawns on a menu – representatives during this week’s Communist Party Congress in China can design stern diagnosis in gripping with President Xi Jinping’s oath to moment down on crime and extravagance.

Part of Xi’s quarrel opposite entrenched swindle has been to safeguard officials are not seen abusing their positions and wasting open money, after a array of scandals involving high-living bureaucrats lighted open anger.

Wang Lilian, who has helped manage liberality for representatives during 3 prior celebration Congresses, told state radio in remarks reported on Sunday that this time, things are going to be really different.

Delegates will, for example, find their hotels bereft of a vast welcoming banners and displays of flowers common in prior years.

But a biggest disproportion will be with their bedrooms and food, Wang said.

“There won’t be any some-more fruit put out in rooms, since formerly there were for representatives and staff. There’s nothing of that this time,” he said.

The food was also going to be home-style and simple, Wang said.

“There’s no sea cucumber, prawns or a like. It’s all smorgasboard style.”

Delegates won’t get giveaway hair cuts or beauty treatments and there won’t be any present shops.

“There’s nothing of these services this time,” Wang said.

Xi himself has lead a approach in compelling elementary living, with state media widely stating on a simple food he cooking when on trips around a country, and giving endless coverage to cases where officials are found to have hoarded gold, owned mixed houses or had a affinity for banquets.

Xi has warned, like others before him, that if crime is not tackled it could impact a party’s hold on power.

The once-in-five-years Congress opens on Wednesday with a vital debate by Xi.

Reporting by Ben Blanchard and Cheng Fang; Editing by Robert Birsel


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