From WALL-E to POST-E: Robot helps broach mail in German town


BERLIN (Reuters) – Postal workers in a western German city of Bad Hersfeld are removing a assisting palm from a new colleague. A splendid yellow, four-wheeled drudge will lift mail and packages and follow them as they do their rounds.

The intrigue is being attempted by German postal and logistics association Deutsche Post DHL, that says a custom-built “PostBOT” can lift loads of adult to 150 kilograms and can navigate around obstacles.

With a arise of online shopping, postal workers are carrying to hoop ever-heavier packages. Deutsche Post staff already have entrance to electric bikes and trikes to assistance them with their deliveries.

The robot, that can lift adult to 6 post trays, uses sensors to lane a legs of a postal workman and can be used in all continue conditions, a association said.

“Day in and day out, a smoothness staff performs superb though burdensome work. We’re constantly operative on new solutions to concede a employees to hoop this physically severe work even as they continue to age,” Deutsche Post executive Juergen Gerdes pronounced in a statement.

The “PostBOT” pattern is formed on a drudge from French association Effidence.

The hearing in dual smoothness districts in Bad Hersfeld will run for 6 weeks, after that Deutsche Post will consider a plan to see how serve improvements can be made.

Reporting by Victoria Bryan; Editing by Douglas Busvine and Mark Potter


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