From Prague to Mongolia, furious horses lapse to a steppes


GREAT GOBI B, Mongolia A quarter-century-old plan to repopulate a steppes of Mongolia with furious horses was kept alive as 4 animals done a prolonged outing behind to their ancestral home from Prague Zoo.

Driven to annihilation in their homeland in a 1960s, a Przewalski’s horses survived in chains before efforts began to re-introduce them to a dull dried and plateau along Mongolia’s limit with China.

Zoos orderly a initial ride to Mongolia of a strong, splay beasts in 1992.

For a past decade, Prague Zoo has been a usually one stability that tradition and it binds a studbook of a class whose ancestors – distinct other free-roaming horses such as a furious mustangs of a United States – were never domesticated.

The zoo finished a seventh ride final week, releasing 4 mares innate in chains in a Czech Republic, Germany and Denmark in a Gobi desert. They will spend a subsequent year in an enclosed area to confirm before being freed.

“All a mares are looking really well, they are not hobbling, they are calm, eating grain and perplexing to exam a ambience of a new grass,” Prague Zoo veterinarian Roman Vodicka pronounced after creation observations a few days after a release.

Prague has expelled 27 horses in sum and officials guess around 190 are now behind in a furious in a Gobi B park, where a many new arrivals were sent.

(Reporting by Jiri Skacel; Writing by Jason Hovet)


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