France gets critical over passionate nuisance after Weinstein scandal: minister


PARIS (Reuters) – The Harvey Weinstein liaison is forcing a rethink of attitudes toward passionate nuisance in France, a nation that cherishes a self-image as a land of betrayal and romance, pronounced a apportion tasked with enormous down on attack conflicting women.

Movie writer Weinstein has been indicted by countless women of carrying intimately tormented or assaulted them in incidents dating behind to a 1980s, including 3 who pronounced they were raped. Weinstein denies carrying non-consensual sex with anyone.

More than 300,000 accounts of passionate nuisance or abuse have been published underneath a French #balancetonporc or #squealonyourpig hashtag on Twitter in a past week, yet some conservatives contend a new trend amounts to an conflict on a French approach of life in a name of U.S.-style puritanism.

“We are unequivocally during a branch point, with a Weinstein event as a trigger,” Gender Equality Minister Marlene Schiappa told Reuters on Friday in an interview.

France has mostly debated passionate nuisance over a past decade following scandals involving French politicians.

Six years ago, a sex liaison forced former French financial apportion Dominique Strauss-Kahn to renounce as conduct of a International Monetary Fund, inspiring a turn of soul-searching in France about passionate abuse that goes undeclared or undetected in a top echelons of power.

A emissary of Macron’s year-old Republic on a Move celebration (LREM), Christophe Arend, was indicted by his ex-assistant and discuss manager of passionate harassment, a Franceinfo media opening reported on Friday.

The celebration pronounced in a matter that Arend benefitted from a hypothesis of ignorance until proven differently and that he had filed a censure of ‘slanderous denunciation’ conflicting his accuser.

“Any form of attack and nuisance is intolerable. It is adult to a probity (process) and it alone to strew light,” LREM said.


Gender Equality Minister Schiappa pronounced a Weinstein liaison could have a some-more durable impact in France since it had stirred women from all walks of life to malign nuisance and attack during work and in open places, not usually in a corridors of power.

“When it’s about politicians, many people only impact politicians rather than observant it as a wider issue,” pronounced Schiappa, a 34-year-old blogger-turned-minister in President Emmanuel Macron’s new government.

“But when it’s to do with cinema it has a wider impact, since … people brand with actors and actresses,” she added, describing a call of testimonies on amicable media as a “liberation”.

This week Schiappa kicked off national consultations over a law due to be finished early subsequent year that will embody stairs to quarrel passionate nuisance on a streets as good as extend a government of reduction for rape of minors.

Not all French people approve of her skeleton or of a #squealonyourpig trend on Twitter.

“France is a nation of group who adore women” wrote pundits Berenice Levet and Guillaume Bigot in Le Figaro daily on Thursday. “It is not a nation of Platonic love,” they said, warning conflicting a import of what French conservatives have prolonged denigrated as a spoil-sport “Anglo-Saxon” perspective of relations between group and women.

Responding to such criticism, Schioppa said: “There is some reluctance, some contend we will kill a enlightenment of a ‘French lover’… if we retaliate travel harassment.”

“But it’s a opposite. We wish to safety seduction, bravery and ‘l‘amour à la francaise’ by observant what is pivotal is consent. Between consenting adults all is allowed, we can seduce, talk, though if someone says ‘no’, it’s ‘no’ and it’s final,” she said.

Much of a French discuss focuses on skeleton to slap fines on nuisance in a travel and either that is unequivocally feasible.

Schiappa concurred it was tough to define, adding sum would be motionless by far-reaching consultations in entrance months.

“For instance it’s following a lady by several blocks or seeking for her phone series 15 true times,” pronounced Schiappa, adding that she privately did not trust wolf-whistles should be characterized as passionate harassment.

Writing by Ingrid Melander; Editing by Toby Chopra


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