Faulty new UK one-pound coins attractive a packet on eBay


LONDON Sharp-eyed collectors have speckled slight flaws in some of Britain’s new, ultra-secure one-pound coins and have been perplexing to sell them online for adult to 5,000 times their face value.

Britain is replacing a round one-pound ($1.25) silver with a 12-sided chronicle formed on a now-defunct threepenny bit, regulating dual different-colored metals to assistance kick counterfeiters.

Since a launch during a finish of March, several people have found somewhat unlawful versions of a new coin, that a builder Royal Mint blames on a rapid prolongation process.

“As we would expect, we have parsimonious peculiarity controls in place, however variances will always start in a tiny series of coins, quite in a distinguished process, due to a high volumes and speed of production,” it pronounced in a statement.

Some of a inadequate versions are being auctioned online on sites like eBay for adult to 5,000 pounds.

The Royal Mint, that produces around 5 billion coins a year, describes a bruise as “the many secure silver in a world” due to a micro-sized lettering and dark inner features.

Britons have turn accustomed to examining their money closely over new months as early examples and special editions of a new five-pound note fetch large sums during auction.


(Reporting by Emily Roe; modifying by Stephen Addison)


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