Exclusive: Putin-linked consider tank drew adult devise to lean 2016 U.S. election


WASHINGTON A Russian supervision consider tank tranquil by Vladimir Putin grown a devise to pitch a 2016 U.S. presidential choosing to Donald Trump and criticise voters’ faith in a American electoral system, 3 stream and 4 former U.S. officials told Reuters.

They described dual trusted papers from a consider tank as providing a horizon and motive for what U.S. comprehension agencies have resolved was an complete bid by Russia to meddle with a Nov. 8 election. U.S. comprehension officials acquired a documents, that were prepared by a Moscow-based Russian Institute for Strategic Studies [en.riss.ru/], after a election.

The hospital is run by late comparison Russian unfamiliar comprehension officials allocated by Putin’s office.

The initial Russian hospital ask was a plan paper created final Jun that circulated during a top levels of a Russian supervision though was not addressed to any specific individuals.

It endorsed a Kremlin launch a promotion debate on amicable media and Russian state-backed tellurian news outlets to inspire U.S. electorate to elect a boss who would take a softer line toward Russia than a administration of then-President Barack Obama, a 7 officials said.

A second institute document, drafted in Oct and distributed in a same way, warned that Democratic presidential claimant Hillary Clinton was expected to win a election. For that reason, it argued, it was improved for Russia to finish a pro-Trump promotion and instead feature a messaging about voter rascal to criticise a U.S. electoral system’s legitimacy and repairs Clinton’s repute in an bid to criticise her presidency, a 7 officials said.

The stream and former U.S. officials spoke on a condition of anonymity due to a Russian documents’ personal status. They declined to plead how a United States performed them. U.S. comprehension agencies also declined to criticism on them.

Putin has denied interfering in a U.S. election. Putin’s orator and a Russian hospital did not respond to requests for comment.

The papers were executive to a Obama administration’s end that Russia mounted a “fake news” debate and launched cyber attacks opposite Democratic Party groups and Clinton’s campaign, a stream and former officials said.

“Putin had a design in mind all along, and he asked a hospital to pull him a highway map,” pronounced one of a sources, a former comparison U.S. comprehension official.

Trump has pronounced Russia’s activities had no impact on a outcome of a race. Ongoing congressional and FBI investigations into Russian division have so distant constructed no open justification that Trump associates colluded with a Russian bid to change a outcome of a election.

Four of a officials pronounced a proceed summarized in a Jun plan paper was a broadening of an bid a Putin administration launched in Mar 2016. That month a Kremlin educated state-backed media outlets, including ubiquitous platforms Russia Today and Sputnik news agency, to start producing certain reports on Trump’s query for a U.S. presidency, a officials said.

Russia Today did not respond to a ask for comment. A orator for Sputnik discharged a assertions by a U.S. officials that it participated in a Kremlin debate as an “absolute container of lies.” “And by a way, it’s not a initial container of lies we’re conference from ‘sources in U.S. central circles’,” a orator pronounced in an email.


Russia Today and Sputnik published anti-Clinton stories while pro-Kremlin bloggers prepared a Twitter debate job into doubt a integrity of an expected Clinton victory, according to a news by U.S. comprehension agencies on Russian division in a choosing done open in January. [bit.ly/2kMiKSA]

Russia Today’s many renouned Clinton video – “How 100% of a 2015 Clintons’ ‘charity’ went to … themselves” – amassed 9 millions views on amicable media, according to a Jan report. [bit.ly/2os8wIt]

The news pronounced Russia Today and Sputnik “consistently expel boss elect-Trump as a aim of astray coverage from normal media outlets.”

The news pronounced a agencies did not consider possibly Moscow’s bid had swung a outcome of a competition in Trump’s favor, since American comprehension agencies do not “analyze U.S. domestic processes or U.S. open opinion.” [bit.ly/2kMiKSA]


Neither of a Russian hospital papers mentioned a recover of hacked Democratic Party emails to meddle with a U.S. election, according to 4 of a officials. The officials pronounced a hacking was a growth comprehension operation run alone out of a Kremlin.

The sincere promotion and growth hacking efforts reinforced any other, according to a officials. Both Russia Today and Sputnik heavily promoted a recover of a hacked Democratic Party emails, that mostly contained annoying details.

Five of a U.S. officials described a hospital as a Kremlin’s in-house unfamiliar process consider tank.

The institute’s executive when a papers were written, Leonid Reshetnikov, rose to a arrange of major ubiquitous during a 33-year-career in Russia’s unfamiliar comprehension service, according to a institute’s website [bit.ly/2oVhiCF]. After Reshetnikov late from a hospital in January, Putin named as his deputy Mikhail Fradkov. The hospital says he served as a executive of Russia’s unfamiliar comprehension use from 2007 to 2016. [bit.ly/2os4tvz]

Reuters was incompetent to establish if possibly male was directly concerned in a drafting of a documents. Reshetnikov’s bureau referred questions to a Russian institute.

On a website, a Russian hospital describes itself as providing “expert appraisals,” “recommendations,” and “analytical materials” to a Russian president’s office, cabinet, National Security Council, ministries and parliament. [bit.ly/2pCBGpR]

On Jan. 31, a websites of Putin’s bureau [bit.ly/2os9wMr] and a hospital [bit.ly/2oLn9Kd] posted a design and twin of Reshetnikov and his inheritor Fradkov assembly with Putin in a Kremlin. Putin thanked Reshetnikov for his use and told Fradkov he wanted a hospital to yield design information and analysis.

“We did the best for nearly 8 years to implement your unfamiliar process concept,” Reshetnikov told Putin. “The policy of Russia and the policy of the President of Russia have been the cornerstone of our operation.”

(Reporting by Ned Parker and Jonathan Landay, additional stating by Warren Strobel and Arshad Mohammed; Editing by David Rohde and Ross Colvin)


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