European vine manners attempt Italian winemakers’ ambitions


NIPOZZANO, Italy (Reuters) – In a Italian hollow where his family has done booze for 30 generations, Lamberto Frescobaldi says his enlargement skeleton are being hampered by new European Union rules.

He asked to extend a vineyards where he produces Chianti, Sangiovese and Vermentino wines by 50 hectares (500,000 block meters) this year, though was postulated usually 9,000 block meters by a Agriculture Ministry in Rome.

“My marketplace is healthy, we have land, we wish to plant some-more vines and we can‘t. It’s as if we have put a cork on enlargement for companies,” Frescobaldi said.

He is not alone. This year, Italy, a world’s biggest booze producer, perceived requests to enhance vineyards by 25 times a area accessible underneath regulations that were introduced in 2016 and capped enlargement in land underneath cultivation to only 1 percent per year.

The manners were a fruit of years of traffic and finished a complement in that a bound batch of planting rights was traded between producers.

Countries including Italy asked for boundary to equivocate a oversupply that constructed “wine lakes” in a mid-2000s. The European Commission says a new complement allows a tranquil boost in vineyards and is some-more pure than before.

Italy still supports curbs on supply, though a Unione Italiana Vini (UIV), representing companies who make adult 70 percent of a 6 billion euro ($7.1 billion) trade market, says a revised routine is too rigid.

Part of a emanate is that Italy’s supernatural booze outlay – approaching to strech 40 million hectoliter’s this year – comes from a patchwork of comparatively tiny, family-run vineyards.

The normal area of any holding is dual hectares, compared with 10.5 hectares in a categorical opposition France, creation it harder to grasp enlargement by appropriation competitors, and contributing to a rush for permits.

Frescobaldi pronounced there was adequate direct to clear a enlargement threshold of adult to 4 percent per year in Italy, though jeopardizing peculiarity or pricing, adding that internal bodies should take a stronger purpose in handling expansion.

“The information should go from a producers adult to Europe. Maybe an area of Sicily needs 10 percent and that would be a superb event for formulating jobs as well.”

Both France and Spain, a world’s dual other booze powerhouses, set tighter quotas in some regions to safety prices and quality, withdrawal some field disappointed, though outward of those areas requests were fewer.

“This complement suits France,” pronounced Eric Tesson, executive of French booze connection CNAOC.

There are concerns in Spain about companies in renouned areas struggling to plant new vines, pronounced Jose Luis Benitez, executive of a Spanish Wine Federation, though altogether it can accommodate stream tellurian direct for Spanish booze while staying within a limit.


Another reason for a rush to plant in Italy is a flourishing marketplace for stimulating prosecco and still pinot grigio from a northern regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, where some-more than 70 percent of this year’s applications were made.

In a hills north of Venice, Luca Ferraro asked to rise some-more than one hectare of prosecco vines and was given 1,000 block meters.

“Those of us in prosecco are substantially some-more desperate since there is so most enlargement and they are not vouchsafing us plant,” he said.

Adding to his frustration, half of a rights accessible are reserved proportionately to a volume requested, definition bigger landowners got more. At a same time, Italy has attempted to give something to each applicant. But this has left people with unfeasibly tiny parcels of land, pronounced Domenico Mastrogiovanni, booze consultant during a Italian Agricultural Confederation (CIA).

“If we give me 1,000 block meters what can we do with it? A hundred bottles? A thousand bottles? That’s nothing,” pronounced Mastrogiovanni. “They attempted to make everybody happy and unhappy everyone.”

Winemakers determine prolongation of prosecco in sold contingency be kept in check to forestall a remarkable inundate of furnish onto a marketplace that would expostulate down prices.

“We aren’t observant annul all controls on a ability to plant vines, though let’s make manners that are adult to a charge of ruling a sector,” pronounced Mastrogiovanni. ($1 = 0.8342 euros)

Additional stating by Sybille de la Hamaide in Paris; Editing by Hugh Lawson


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