EgyptAir jet sent smoke-alarm warnings before crash


PARIS/CAIRO The EgyptAir jet that crashed in a Mediterranean on Thursday sent a array of warnings indicating that fume had been rescued on board, shortly before it left off radar screens, French investigators pronounced on Saturday.

A orator for France’s BEA atmosphere collision review group pronounced a signals did not prove what caused a fume or glow on house a plane, that plunged into a sea with 66 people on house as it was streamer from Paris to Cairo.

But they offering a initial clues as to what unfolded in a moments before a crash.

One aviation source pronounced that a glow on house would expected have generated mixed warning signals, while a remarkable blast competence not have generated any – yet officials highlight that no scenario, including explosion, is being ruled out.

Egypt pronounced a navy had found tellurian remains, disadvantage and a personal effects of passengers floating in a Mediterranean about 290 km (180 miles) north of Alexandria.

The army published cinema on Saturday on a central Facebook page of a recovered items, that enclosed blue and white waste with EgyptAir markings, chair fabric with designs in a airline’s colors, and a yellow lifejacket.

Analysis of a waste and liberation of a plane’s twin moody recorders are expected to be pivotal to final a means of a pile-up – a third blow given Oct to Egypt’s transport industry, still disorder from domestic disturbance following a 2011 overthrow that suspended Hosni Mubarak.

A suspected Islamic State bombing brought down a Russian airliner after it took off from Sharm el-Sheikh airfield in late October, murdering all 224 people on board, and an EgyptAir craft was hijacked in Mar by a male wearing a feign self-murder belt.

A summary purporting to come from Islamic State urged attacks on a United States and Europe in a Islamic holy month of Ramadan commencement in early June. “Ramadan, a month of conquest. Get prepared…so that we make it a month of difficulty on a non-believers anywhere,” pronounced a summary posted on Twitter accounts that customarily tell Islamic State statements.

It done no explain of shortcoming for a Egyptair crash.

The Oct pile-up ravaged Egyptian tourism, a categorical source of unfamiliar sell for a nation of 80 million people, and another identical occurrence would vanquish hopes of it recovering.

Egypt’s tourism income in a initial 3 months of a year plunged by dual thirds to $500 million from a year earlier.


The signals from a craft “do not concede in any approach to contend what competence have caused fume or glow on house a aircraft”, pronounced a orator for a French BEA agency, that is aiding an central Egyptian investigation.

    He combined that a priority now was to find a dual moody recorders, famous as black boxes, containing cockpit voice recordings and information readings, from a Airbus A320 that dead from radar early on Thursday.

the conduct of a Egyptian review group was quoted by Egypt’s state-owned Al-Ahram journal as observant a rough news into a pile-up would be presented in a month.

Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fathi told reporters an additional plea in a hunt for a black boxes was a abyss of a Mediterranean in a area underneath search. “What we know is that it is 3,000 (meters),” he said.

That would place a black box locator beacons, that final for 30 days, on a corner of their detectable operation from a aspect formed on a form of acoustic apparatus typically used during a initial stages of a search, according to a news into a 2009 pile-up of an Air France jet in a Atlantic.

“No critical inclination from a craft have been retrieved so far,” Fathi said.

The moody information transmitted before a pile-up was sent by an involuntary complement called a Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), that customarily downloads upkeep and error information to a airline operator.

Aviation Herald, a reputable Austria-based website specializing in atmosphere accidents, initial published a detonate of 7 messages promote over a space of 3 minutes. These enclosed alarms about fume in a shower as good as a aircraft’s avionics area, that sits underneath a cockpit.

While suggesting a probable fire, a comparatively brief method of information gives no discernment into commander efforts to control a aircraft, nor does it uncover either it fell in one block or disintegrated in mid-air, dual aviation reserve experts said.

The information fragments also enclosed alarms associated to cockpit window heating and dual moody control computers, both of that have backups.

“The doubt now is either a glow that caused a fume was a outcome of an electrical error – for instance a short-circuit caused by shop-worn wiring – or either some form of bomb or agitator device was used – for instance by a militant – to beget a glow or other damage,” aviation reserve consultant David Learmont said.

The ACARS information suggested a glow had widespread fast and “that competence explain a fact that there was no trouble call”, Learmont wrote in a blog.


The aircraft was carrying 56 passengers, including a child and dual infants, and 10 crew. They enclosed 30 Egyptian and 15 French nationals, along with adults of 10 other countries.

Egyptair pronounced officials met family members and told them a routine of entertainment physique tools and information would take time, while DNA contrast to brand victims would need weeks.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, who met kin of pile-up victims in Paris on Saturday, pronounced there were several probable causes. “At this really impulse all scenarios are being examined and nothing is being given larger emphasis,” he said.

France sent a craft and navy boat to assistance a search, centered on an area only south of where a vigilance from a craft was mislaid early on Thursday.

EgyptAir Chairman Safwat Moslem pronounced a radius of a hunt section was 40 nautical miles, though could be expanded. The radius is homogeneous to an area of 5,000 block miles (17,000 block km), a same area lonesome in a initial hunt for a Air France jet in 2009.

The vast area reflects a fact that conjunction jet could be accounted for in a final few mins of drifting time.

A European satellite speckled a 2 km-long oil sharp in a Mediterranean, about 40 km (20 nautical miles) southeast of a aircraft’s final famous position, a European Space Agency said.

(Additional stating by Sybille de La Hamaide in Paris, Victoria Bryan in Berlin and Abdelnasser Aboelfadl and Amina Ismail in Cairo; Writing by Dominic Evans, Tim Hepher; Editing by Ralph Boulton)


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