Eerie indication of Picasso’s remains lies in Spanish birthplace


MALAGA, Spain A life-size indication of a remains of Pablo Picasso lies on a plinth in his home city of Malaga, eyes closed, hands folded.

The artist who remade his subjects into Cubist abstractions is immortalized in an eerily picturesque sculpture dressed in his heading blue and white striped jersey and black rope-soled shoes.

The work, done of silicon, creosote and fiberglass, with tellurian hair and genuine clothes, was combined by Spanish artist Eugenio Merino – best famous for his hyper-realistic models of dictators including Spain’s Francisco Franco.

Picasso lies out in a tiny room in a city’s bend of a Alliance Francaise informative institute, a finish indicate of a debate following a landmarks of his life.

On a surface, it looks like another intrigue to pull in tourists.

But, contend a organizers, a debate and sculpture are indeed a critique of a approach a city has used Picasso for blurb ends.

“The plan is meant to impugn mass tourism and a enlightenment attention of a city as a brand, in that tourism goes opposite a needs of a residents and where existence is transposed by settings combined for a visitors,” pronounced Los Interventores, a organisation of artists who consecrated a exhibit.

Their Picasso debate passes by a church where he was baptized, his propagandize and a bullring, before finale abruptly with his body, laid out nearby a marble gravestone that reads in bullion lettering: ‘Here lies the good crony Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)’.

(Writing By Sonya Dowsett; Editing by Julien Toyer and Andrew Heavens)


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