Do we consider Arsenal owners are some-more foolish than we or me? Wenger asks reporters




LONDON: Arsene Wenger has launched a powerful counterclaim of his achievements as Arsenal manager as he strike behind during a “boring” critics pursuit for him to quit.

Wenger has turn accustomed in new years to Arsenal supporters and pundits pursuit for him to renounce and a Frenchman was under-fire again final week after 3 unbroken defeats dealt a vital blow to a team’s Premier League pretension plea and Champions League campaign.

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Arsenal fable Thierry Henry claimed he has never seen a club’s fans as indignant as they were after a home detriment to Swansea, while former Liverpool trainer Graeme Souness called a Gunners “weak and insipid” and claimed they “bordered on a joke” during their better to Manchester United final month.

Wenger, who is now a longest-serving manager in Europe as he approaches 20 years during a helm during Arsenal, takes his side to Hull in an FA Cup fifth turn replay on Tuesday as they demeanour to win a foe for a third true season.

Asked if a approach fans conflict to him over a residue of a deteriorate would impact his thoughts over signing a new agreement during Arsenal, Wenger done it transparent he had no seductiveness in what a doubters say.

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“Look, we have worked here for 19, 20 years and I’m always sitting here carrying to clear that I’m good adequate to do a job,” Wenger told reporters on Monday.

“I have no problem to cope with all though we find that a bit tedious in a end. we always have to remonstrate we that we am good enough. we worked for 35 years during a tip level.

“What we find usually tedious is always sitting here after 19 years to face: ‘Do we consider we are good enough?’ If we am not, somebody will tell me.”

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While Arsenal haven’t won a pretension given 2004 and reached their usually Champions League final behind in 2006, Wenger is austere he will go about his pursuit of perplexing to broach those trophies rather than focusing on what he can't control.

“I can't change a poise of a fans. How can we do that?” he said.

“I am common adequate each day to doubt myself, to accept my mistakes, and trust me we do that. After that as good there is no fluke that a people who possess a bar tell me to be here for 19 years. Do we consider they are some-more foolish than we or me?

“I am not on Twitter. we don’t entice anybody to go out to cooking and be good with them. we work and work and work and work. If it’s not good adequate someone will tell me one day.”


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