Cuba is ‘huge opportunity’ for U.S. transport companies, BCG says


HAVANA Cuba represents a “huge” though severe event for U.S. cruise, airline and hotel companies as American visitors to a Caribbean island could boost as many as sevenfold by 2025, according to a news by a Boston Consulting Group.

As many as 2 million Americans could revisit adult from 285,000 final year, incompatible Cuban Americans, a BCG investigate published on Wednesday estimated.

Given tourism infrastructure is already creaking, that means there are business opportunities aplenty though U.S companies contingency learn to navigate a centrally-planned economy with a quirks.

U.S. transport to Cuba has already surged, despite from really low levels, in a final dual years given a former Cold War allies announced a detente and a Obama administration eased transport restrictions to a island.

“The existence is that U.S. transport to Cuba is in a nascent stages, and all a players are still training how to make it work,” a news read. “Success, as with many things Cuban, will need surprising – and mostly unusual – approaches”.

BCG did not residence a doubt expel by a choosing of U.S. President Donald Trump who has threatened to quarrel behind on a normalization of relations.

The Cuban supervision aims to double hotel ability by 2030 by partnerships with unfamiliar companies, it forked out. So far, Starwood is a usually U.S. hotel association handling in Cuba.

Instilling a liberality mindset in tourism workers who were mostly state employees, even during U.S.-owned companies, on low salary could be challenging, it noted.

Poor use sat quite badly when bedrooms were “extremely costly for a region”.

“The risk is that U.S, travelers who revisit Cuba and stay during a hotel that is partial of a code they trust will knowledge prices many aloft than common – and some-more patron service,” a news read.

Meanwhile there was also an event for expanding journey lines to Cuba, BCG said. Nearly dual thirds of 500 U.S. travelers surveyed would journey one to Cuba. Several U.S journey operators have started charity lines to Cuba in a past year.

They have to understanding with opposite hurdles such as including a informative component to their trips to approve with U.S. supervision manners on transport to Cuba, BCG noted.

U.S. companies should work together with a Cuban supervision to solve some of these issues.

As for airlines, they indispensable to understanding with additional direct for flights to Havana. They could lift out campaigns to captivate Americans to other Cuban cities, BCG advised, and daub into Cuban direct for flights to a United States.

(Reporting by Sarah Marsh)


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