California mosaic residence is a regretful loyalty to dual artists


VENICE, Calif. The Mosaic Tile House in Venice stands as a relic to dual decades of artistic partnership between Cheri Pann and father Gonzalo Duran.

“It’s tchotchke heaven,” Pann, 76, told Reuters about her mottled bungalow. “It’s incited out to be an loyalty to putting all probable into cement.”

By “everything,” Pann means figurines of poodles and hula girls, commemorative china ball bats and a unconditional arch of coffee cups, their handles indicating skyward. Smashed pottery and shards of counterpart make adult a some-more normal mosaic patterns on a house’s interior and extraneous surfaces.

The integrate met in 1992 when Duran was operative during an art supply store and Pann was in need of some acrylic paints. They still go behind to a same store for supplies.

The residence is on a still street, a 20-minute bike float from a beach. Pann bought it in 1994 and wanted to build an art studio in it.

After a studio was built, Pann done tiles for a bathroom.

“It was so most fun doing it, we only kept on going,” pronounced Duran, 72, who was innate in Mexico and lifted in East Los Angeles.

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Tiles in a shapes of butterflies, camels and giraffes approximate a sink. A ceramic rooster sits proudly atop a breakfast bar. One of a walls is lonesome in photographs of a couple. Kitchen appliances are flashy with paint.

The partnership is, Pann said, a ultimate “honey-do” project. She creates a tiles, he lays them.

    “He’s bustling working, working, operative and afterwards I’ll come along and say, ‘Hon, hmmm, there is something wrong and we won’t know what it is.’ And afterwards he’ll take a demeanour behind and he’ll say, ‘Ah, we know what it is,’ and afterwards he’ll repair it,” Pann said.

Pann was speedy by family and professors to pursue accounting, though during age 18 she went to a Van Gogh uncover and never looked back.

    “The story behind a residence is unequivocally about a adore story behind Gonzalo and myself,” Pann said. “We salsa in a house, we lick all day long, and if it weren’t toxic, I’d paint on him.”

Pann hopes a Mosaic Tile House eventually will be recorded on a National Register of Historic Places. He is assured a residence will stay standing.

    “To rip this down is a large job. So we meant it’ll be here forever,” he said.

(Reporting by Melissa Fares in New York and Reuters TV in LA; Editing by Bill Trott)


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